Merry Christmas Everybody

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY Repost This Article [Read More]

Columbus Was a Murderer

This explains how I feel about Columbus Day. Asshole on the loose…..hear dat Office of Speaker Boehner? Come n get your kid n pull dat loose nutjob Senator Ted Cruz up by the collar. Open up the government. Repost This Article [Read More]

Love And The Rich In This Town & Country

After arriving home from a long road trip of 8 hours, bickering with my husband about directions and a son whose mind was reeling from his football tour experience at West Point. I decided I wanted to sit and chat at the feet of my parents over the last couple of days…..sort of like hiding [...] [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | Rihanna Red Hot Album Cover

Red looks great on Rihanna. The “LOUD” album is due to arrive in the United States on November 16. Rihanna recorded a holiday tune to celebrate this year’s Christmas. Crafted for upcoming “NOW Christmas Vol. 4″, the new song is called “A Child Is Born” and can now be previewed on Amazon. Repost [...] [Read More]

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas everyone…..I wish all my readers who visit thephotographer4you a safe holiday as we all prepare to hang out with love ones and celebrate in the style that best describes the holiday to you and yours. Take care and be well until…..the next blog post. As I said in an earlier post, Christmas is [...] [Read More]

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