Eat the President Obama Black Afro Bread

Only in another country would the images of an ethnic man namely the “President of the United States” would be used to creatively to sell bread. It may not actually be President Obama but the likeness is close enough. The bread is placed in the clear package to represent a kinky Afro. The bread actually look [...] [Read More]

Happening Around Town | President Obama, FEMA and Government Officials Ready for Hurricane Irene

Folks from around the globe watched on their televisions, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, social media, Google+, new-streams and surfed the Internet for updates while the East Coast waited for Hurricane Irene. There was not going to be another Katrina or Haiti aftermath in the United States if President Obama, FEMA, government officials and municipalities had anything [...] [Read More]

Cover of the Day | How the Tea Party Hijacked America

  “Why the dept crisis has hurt growth and our position in the world” and should we be worried? I love how the Time GIF cover flips back and forth as if to imply the United States is suffering a nosebleed and a black eye….HA! How the tea party hijacked America. They blackmailed President Obama into a [...] [Read More]

Naomi Campbell Pissed Off At Cadbury for Chocolate Bar Ad

Naomi Campbell and her mother, Valerie Simpson are extremely pissed off over a Cadbury chocolate advertisement which shows a chocolate bar surrounded by jewels with the saying: Repost This Article [Read More]

President Obama and First Lady Welcomed at Buckingham Palace

President Obama and the First Lady met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ( the newly married Prince William and Kate Middleton). Prime Minister David Cameron and the President will hold talks on Wednesday which are likely to focus on Libya and the Middle East. In a joint statement in The Times, Mr Obama and [...] [Read More]

VOTE President Obama 2012 “You Will Be Glad You Did”

I remember what the way of life was for the working class American folks before President Obama became President of the United States…do you? Our president has work diligently to make a change over the last four years with limited resources. Do you know what that feels like? Minimal resources at your grasp to keep [...] [Read More]

Alert | Malicious Software Features Osama bin Laden Links to Ensnare Unsuspecting Computer Users

This message came in my email inbox this morning from a reliable source. Please note that President Obama will not be releasing any images of OBL photographs. CBS News reports that the president “won’t release post-mortem images of Osama bin Laden taken to prove his death,” which he will discuss more in an interview with Steve [...] [Read More]

Just In Case You Need A Reminder….Uh Huh~

  I love love absolutely love me some Paul Mooney…Uh huh! Some of us need to laugh to see the truth in the subliminal message. Comedian and legend Paul Mooney appears on the David Lettermen show. Some folks might be feeling some kind of way about the climates of politics. Pay close attention and be mindful this [...] [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | President Obama Birth Certificate

  As quiet as it is kept most Americans have a copy of their birth certificate. I have the same type of document above issued from the state I was born. I could tell you were the original birth certificate was located even if someone was to offer me millions of dollars to retrieve it. I [...] [Read More]

Iyanla Vanzant Gets To Show Oprah Some Respect

Repost This Article [Read More]

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