Lucis Art

I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed with the LucisArt beta program right now. I was prepared to beta test drive the new release of the much talked about LucisArt 3 plugin for Adobe Photoshop plugin but there was a catch 22 involved. I would have to pay $500 dollars plus to [...] [Read More]

Comments for your blog

This maybe old news to some people but for this new blogger this is a relatively new feature for me to add onto my WordPress blog. No registrations, no logins for users, optional features such as tracking and pinging brings new meaning to blogging. It is a pain for me to register on a new [...] [Read More]

Celebrity Blogs

I am a huge fan of Pop Culture and everything celebrity. I love surfing through theybf for the latest photographs of African American celebrities that may not have been covered by mainstream media. Perez who is a big big fan and friend of Paris Hilton gives you all of the scoop on white celebrity with [...] [Read More]

Leica S2

OMG! Leica is sure to please alot of Pro-Consumers and Professional photographer with this astounding 37.5 mega-pixel metal body medium format sensor camera that’s hotter than the competition. Oh yeah, I did say that I was a fan of Canon camera’s for life but this beauty here makes you want to cheat a little. This [...] [Read More]


[singlepic=20,320,240,,]Most Photographers starting a business have a hard time borrowing from traditional banks and may not be eligible for conventional loans to finance their photography venture. Perhaps your opening a new studio or upgrading your equipment. Well, there is help out there to jump start your business. P2P borrowing is the solution for financing your [...] [Read More]

Canon 5D Mark II

[singlepic=22,320,240,,]It took Canon three years to produce the Canon 5D Mark II; this baby is HOT. The Canon EOS 5D Mark II is a must have for proconsumers and myself. It is time for me to upgrade to this beauty which offers a 21.1 mega-pixel censor which is awesome for those who like to [...] [Read More]

Snipping Tool

Now that I have my website up and fully functional. I want to be able to insert screen shots from surfing the web if I find something of interest to share with my readers. I want to be able to save the files to my computer to upload to Microsoft Windows Vista Premium, Business [...] [Read More]

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