Job & Grant Websites

There are tons of work from home jobs and grant information for sell on the Internet. You should not be paying to get a job or a grant, especially in this risky economy. There are a lot of people out there losing their jobs, losing their careers and losing their livelihood. Some people are not [...] [Read More]

Search Engine Optimization is Fake

Is Search Engine Optimization fake or real! The reason why I ask this question; there are literally millions of people on the Internet claiming to be an expert on Search Engine Optimization. You hear Search Engine Optimization geeks telling you they made thousand of dollars per month from their blog. I am beginning to wonder [...] [Read More]

LucisArt 2 Newsletter

LucisArt 2 is coming soon! According to this email newsletter the discounts will be over soon. Here is an newsletter that was dropped into my mailbox this morning. I am still a little bitter about their change of mine with the Beta testing due to piracy issues they were too afraid to allow any Beta testing [...] [Read More]

Hope for Homeowners Program

There are a lot of struggling families out there who have had to find a way to keep their home due to the dwindling economy and loss of jobs. This program explains in detail on the HUD website and the link for Hope for Ownership Program. Time to change the face of the White House [...] [Read More]

Where is the American People Bailout plan?

1 Day left before you can cast your Vote for Obama as the next president of the United States. Turn off the radios and listen to CNN Live on your computers at work, listen in the background while your cleaning your house and on your cellphones to get the latest and updated scoop on this race [...] [Read More]

WordPress Plugins

This is an extremely long list of my favorite WordPress plugins. It reads like an “Oprah’s” favorite things list she does in the winter of every year. My all time favorite WordPress plugin for my WordPress blog is WP-SpamFree which has been true to its function since I’ve installed it on my [...] [Read More]

Leica S2

OMG! Leica is sure to please alot of Pro-Consumers and Professional photographer with this astounding 37.5 mega-pixel metal body medium format sensor camera that’s hotter than the competition. Oh yeah, I did say that I was a fan of Canon camera’s for life but this beauty here makes you want to cheat a little. This [...] [Read More]


Monetize your site with BidVertiseer. Can be use with Google Adsense program. Make money with affiliate program that pays you for every click You get paid for every visitor that clicks on an ad. Our goal is to enable you to make as much as possible from your advertising space, by letting advertisers bid on your [...] [Read More]


[singlepic=20,320,240,,]Most Photographers starting a business have a hard time borrowing from traditional banks and may not be eligible for conventional loans to finance their photography venture. Perhaps your opening a new studio or upgrading your equipment. Well, there is help out there to jump start your business. P2P borrowing is the solution for financing your [...] [Read More]

Google Adsense for my blog

I am beginning to blog on my WordPress website. I selected my theme and the layout is satisfactory for now until I have time to make my own website using Adobe Fireworks. The next step is to monetize my blog with Google Adsense. It was relatively easy to setup an account with Google Adsense. I submitted my application with all of [...] [Read More]

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