WATCH | Dammit, Your Mother Is Hanging Out On Facebook

Of course your mother is hanging out on Facebook…who lied to teenagers, duh! Social media is for everyone…it is the way to stay connected to the world. Gone are the days of obsolete communication, like attempting to telephone everyone in your database, connecting to pals and advertising products. Why not stay connected to your child’s [...] [Read More]

WATCH | Don Lemon Admits To Eddie Long Supporters “I Am A Victim Of A Pedophile”

Don Lemon talks to three members & a former employee of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Lemon tells the three young supporters of Bishop Eddie Long to have an open mind, no one is perfect. “I have never admitted this on television,” Lemon said. “I am a victim of a pedophile when I was [...] [Read More]

WATCH | Fantasia Spills The Deets For Real

Fantasia For Real 2 Recap – Episode 1 – Faces of Tasia The season kicks off with Fantasia celebrating her newly empty house in Charlotte, North Carolina, after her mother and brothers moved out. Her Aunt visits and that when Fantasia spills the deets about the drama and rumors unfolding in her life. Aunt Buddy is [...] [Read More]

R.I.P. | Whoopi Goldburg’s Mother Emma Johnson

Whoopi Goldberg’s mother Emma Johnson passed away died on August 29 following a stroke. Whoopi who had been appearing in the London theatre production of Sister Act, cut short her run after learning of her mother illness and was by her side when she died. The media was hush hush about Whoopi’s mother passing away. [...] [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | Mom Moms Girls

Digital images post processed with Adobe Photoshop CS3 Photo credit: Delores Randall Repost This Article [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | Lieutenant Gordon J. Randall

We are honored to share our glorious and happy moment. We are honored to announce our son to the world as 2nd Lieutenant Gordon J. Randall on May 25, 2010 Repost This Article [Read More]

Head MEN in Charge | home Fund For Homeowners Facing Foreclosure created the home fund to help those in jeopardy of losing their homes due to the economic crisis in the U.S. “Growing up I dreamt that one day I’d be able to buy my mom a house and take care of my family. I realized that dream and experienced the positive effect giving [...] [Read More]


I am very touched by this year’s “MOTHER” because they are forced to practice endurance, strength and perseverance in the way women did back in the day. We are forced to smile, keep our heads up and reach deep down within ourselves. I can’t remember during a time that women such as today as I [...] [Read More]

Video | Mother of the Decade Award

Of course she can! You don’t get to be “Mom” if you can’t fix everything right! Need a boast for your self esteem….or simply to pat yourself on the back? This video will do it! Send to those rising super “Mother’s” on your list. Getting an compliment from the first lady and the secretary of [...] [Read More]

My Daddy Had A Stroke

Georgetown University Graduate 2009, originally uploaded by THEPHOTOGRAPHER4YOU. My Mom called me a couple of days ago. She said “Dad and I” are going to check out our Comcast phone because it has been giving us problems, unbeknown to me, she was dealing with an life event that was going downhill real quickly but she [...] [Read More]

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