Video: FOX’s Bill O’Reilly Attacks Michael Jackson’s Memorial Coverage

Reilly is the one seeking and exploiting ratings for his show. He call other media outlets out for doing the same thing he is doing himself. Based on his ranting during the interview in this clip it seems that he has a huge issue with Jackson having the audacity to adopt white children to call [...] [Read More]

Don’t Start Slandering the Jackson Children

[singlepic id=612 w=320 h=240 float=center] Just in case some of you are talking out of the side of your neck. Opinions are like assholes, we all have one and here is mine: Yes, Michael Jackson children should have went to their father’s funeral in case there are those questioning it. I went to my mother’s funeral [...] [Read More]

Videos: Michael Jackson Final Tribute

Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, John Mayer, Usher and Lionel Richie are among the stars paying tribute to Michael Jackson on Tuesday July 7 2009. along with them many hundreds of high profile people will be in attendance like L.A. Lakers star Kobe Bryant, actress Brooke Shields, Martin Luther King III and his sister [...] [Read More]

Michael Jackson Finally Laid To Rest

R.I.P King of Pop and my condolences to the entire Jackson family and friends. It is truly a sad day for the entertainment industry and the fans around the world. Keep your heads up! Today will surely be one of the busiest days in history on the Internet and in Los Angeles. The tribute and remembrance of [...] [Read More]

Who Do You “Flock” to Surf The Internet?

[singlepic id=609 w=320 h=240 float=center] I just discovered flock based on a suggestion from one of my face book friends while playing Mafia Wars. I am in love with the speed and the ease of use to get to all of my social networking websites all in one place. Needless to say in my humble opinion [...] [Read More]

Larry King Interviews Jermaine Jackson

It is all about the “King of Pop” on the Larry King show as he interviews Jermaine Jackson. It should be all about Michael Jackson, he was one of the greatest entertainers of our generation. He should receive his accolades and kudos from the media. They did him really dirty when he was alive and [...] [Read More]

Living With Michael Jackson Documentary

The “King of Pop” talks children, fatherhood, living forever, contractual agreement about his third child’s mother, his marriage, and his eccentric lifestyle. This was on television, personally I think it always boils down to the almighty dollar when dealing with celebrities. A celebrity that is bankable and that can line the pockets of those that [...] [Read More]

Michael Jackson Funeral Arrangements

This is why you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet and some folks blogs; I fell for it too! Despite all the hoopla about Michael Jackson being buried at the Netherland Ranch….Hell to the naw the Jackson family is officially stating that there will be no public or private viewing at Neverland,” it [...] [Read More]

Video: Jermaine Jackson Speaks About His Brother “a gift from Allah.”

“He went too soon. I don’t know how people are going to take this, but I wish it was me,” Jermaine Jackson said. When asked why he felt that way, Jermaine Jackson said he always felt that he was Michael’s “backbone.” “Someone to be there for him. I was there and he was sort of like Moses. [...] [Read More]

Michael Jackson Public Viewing Scheduled Friday

MTV Shows Michael Jackson’s fans will get a chance to pay their final respects to the fallen pop icon at a public viewing at his Neverland Valley Ranch on Friday. According to CNN, Jackson’s body will be returned Thursday — via a 30-car motorcade — to the amusement park/zoo/mansion that was his home for nearly two decades, [...] [Read More]

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