Happening Around Town | The Motown Sound: In Performance at the White House

A free concert that does not require tickets just a seat in front of my television screen or my computer….don’t watch the show if you don’t want to. There are a plenty of fans that love First Lady Obama that will be tuned in with the volume turn all the way up. Repost This Article [Read More]

WTF Moment | Montana Fishburne Response @jamiefoxxus @mfishburne

There are a number of reasons why Montana Fishburne will never be a porn superstar if she is relying on folks to support her career choice to become an porn actress. That lame ass line about an African American female representing in the porn industry is a bunch of bullshit…….especially with HIV spreading faster in [...] [Read More]

WATCH | Miley Cyrus Lap Dance With Adam Shankman

Remember that conversation that had gotten Jamie Foxx to apologize to Miley: Jamie Foxx had words for Miley Cyrus during his weekend Sirius radio show “The Foxxhole,” judging by a audio posted on YouTube and heard below. During a discussion criticizing Miley, 16, for being upset at not getting to meet Radiohead backstage at the Grammys, Foxx, [...] [Read More]

thephotographer4you Welcomes All Sponsors

Use the contact form or leave a comment on thephotographer4you@comcast.net Repost This Article [Read More]

Bloggers Are Noticed In Mainstream Media

In less than one month I notice two online media websites wrote a blip about rising bloggers: “The Rising Stars of Gossip Blogs” and How Black Blogs Covered Sandra Bullock. Remember when Perez hit the blogging scene several years ago and the world was not ready for him….a gay man at that, jaws dropped at [...] [Read More]

Comedic Beef | Jamie Foxx Respond To Howard Stern

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Comedic Beef Part II | Howard Stern and Robin Respond To Jamie Foxx

Howard Stern via last.fm Not one to take anything lying down, Howard Stern fires back his response to Jamie Foxx especially when he got wind that Jamie called Robin a house negro behind a class window. He goes in deep about how many holes are in Jamie, he’s gay and the whole nine yards but he [...] [Read More]

Comedic Feud: Jamie Foxx v. Howard Stern

First it started with Howard Stern comment that threw the Internet into a verbal beat-down about Oscar winner Gabby’s enormous weigh and she will never get a leading lady role in Hollywood. Jamie responded with his Gabby comment. Now it is on with the two popular comedians throwing rocks at one another on Sirius radio! [...] [Read More]

Jamie Foxx Is A Law Abiding Citizen

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Jamie Foxx Coming To A Town Near You

Oscar winner celebrity Jamie Foxx, comedian and an extremely talent actor is coming to a town near you to promote the “Blame It” tour. Jamie Foxx will tour at least 60 cities before the end of the summer. Listen to Jamie Foxx on the Foxhole on Sirius radio. Fantasia & Jamie Foxx – Do What It [...] [Read More]

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