Do You Know What Is Inside The Mind of Google?

The one-hour documentary delivers a comprehensive look at Google’s crown jewel– its Internet search engine- the most visited web site in the world. In fact, despite formidable competition, nearly two-thirds of Internet searches worldwide are done on Google. Bartiromo speaks with Google Vice President Marissa Mayer, the keeper of the simple, uncluttered and clean “look” [...] [Read More]

Appliance and Electronic Clunker Program

Image via Wikipedia Toys R Us are taking trade in on video games. will take video games and DVDs in exchange for an Amazon gift card. RadioShack or manufacturers such as HP might give up to $140 for an 8 GB iPhone 3G. RadioShack quotes or visit a store Electronic recycler Gazelle runs trade in programs for [...] [Read More]

My Favorite iPhone Applications

It is easy to download applications onto your iPhone. Go into your App store and sign up for an account in itunes which manages your applications and music downloads to your iPhone. Download the applications from your iPhone and plug it into your computer to update your applications in itunes. All the applications above can [...] [Read More]

Taxi Magic Online Taxi Booking

TaxiMagic let you book cabs from your smart phone. It supports the iPhone, Blackberry, SMS booking, grown from supporting 25 fully supported cities to 40. Repost This Article [Read More]

Jamie Foxx Coming To A Town Near You

Oscar winner celebrity Jamie Foxx, comedian and an extremely talent actor is coming to a town near you to promote the “Blame It” tour. Jamie Foxx will tour at least 60 cities before the end of the summer. Listen to Jamie Foxx on the Foxhole on Sirius radio. Fantasia & Jamie Foxx – Do What It [...] [Read More]

IPhone got it going on with Sirius Radio

IPhone has partnered up with Sirius Radio to download their application to your IPhone and IPhone Touch. Now that’s what really up….I get to listen to my Praise on the go and “The Foxxhole” which are my favorite stations. If I owned an IPhone I would be listening to those particular shows and perhaps a [...] [Read More]

Blackberry Storm vs iphone

The new iphone I would have to say who cares to the new iphone. I am strictly a Blackberry lover. Who by the way has came out with their own cellphone called the “Blackberry Storm“. [singlepic=71,320,240,,][singlepic=74,320,240,,] Repost This Article [Read More]

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