Turn A Photograph Into A Postcard While on Vacation

Basically you can create a postcard on you iPhone, iPad and iOS device, grab a photo from your camera, add a personal message to the back, and have it mailed out to friends and family. Each postcard is becomes Simply Postcards that are personalized by you and printed on standard heavy stock paper. The postcard [...] [Read More]

WATCH | iPhone Sent Into Outspace and Return To Earth

Father and son quality time is always nice to watch! Repost This Article [Read More]

WATCH | Dammit, Your Mother Is Hanging Out On Facebook

Of course your mother is hanging out on Facebook…who lied to teenagers, duh! Social media is for everyone…it is the way to stay connected to the world. Gone are the days of obsolete communication, like attempting to telephone everyone in your database, connecting to pals and advertising products. Why not stay connected to your child’s [...] [Read More]

BMW ConnectedDrive for IPad and IPhone

BMW will be showing off its new ConnectedDrive system at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. These photos of the gadget are HOT, Sleek and would be nice for any automobile. There’s even a handy docking system for the iPad in the back seats. What’s more, BMW will offer a mobile hotspot system with ConnectedDrive so that [...] [Read More]

Buy An iPad for Under $50…No Kidding!!!

I was shocked to find out about this website this morning and thought no way…. Sure enough folks are bidding for iPads at an extremely low and unheard price of $37. About now that is the only way thephotographer4you will be purchasing an Apple iPad….this website is auctioning the most sought after technology that cause [...] [Read More]

WATCH | iPhone 4 + Canon SLR = iCannon 4

This is an very interesting look at what you can do with your Apple iPhone 4 with an old Canon SLR body…..dude crams his iPhone into the body of the Canon DSLR. Since the iPhone 4 came out I have been working on a way to stabilize the phone on a tripod. Instead of fabricating a [...] [Read More]

iPhone | Mercede-Benz mbrace

I don’t own an Mercede Benz due to the cost of insurance, the maintenance, cost of car insurance and my pocketbook. There are a lot of Mercede Benz lovers who own an iPhone smartphone that would absolutely love the iPhone Mercede Benz mbrace free application. Repost This Article [Read More]

iPhone | Find Open Shelters

Mother Nature has been wrecking havoc in countries and cities worldwide…the free iPhone application is available nationwide. Repost This Article [Read More]

iPhone | WHUR 96.3 Application

A few moments ago while checking my email and listening to the Steve Harvey Morning show blasting in the background on the radio. Harvey just mention during his segment of iPhone application shout-outs from ATT customers. I have been searching the iTunes directory for quite sometime for WHUR 96.3 iPhone application…there are a lot of [...] [Read More]

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