Igers I like the Most on Flickr.

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Thank You on Flickr.Thank you Igers http://inkstagram.com/#/users/8025533

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Email Bag | Where Do You Store Your Mobile Photographs?

Hello Dee, What do you do with all of the images you take on your iPhone? Where do you store them? I use to delete all the images once I uploaded the photo onto a photo-sharing website. I now upload the images to my all of my social media handles. Flickr, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. My favorite [...] [Read More]

You Are Not a Gadget and Your Rights of Authorship

  Words to think about and consider when posting your images on the Internet. Lanier talked about Apple and Google, and the future of media content generation on The Edge .   You Are Not a Gadget: Written by Jaron Lanier ”Your Are Not a Gadget excerpt.” The Apple idea is that instead of the personal computer model where people own their own [...] [Read More]

Smitten With Instagram App for Tweeting Photos

  I must admit I am quite smitten with the Instagram app that sends my photos straight to my Facebook newstream, tweets my photographs from my iPhone to the Twitter stream and God only knows where else in cyberspace. The Instagram photo above was snapped while walking my dog last week. It is my favorite Instagram [...] [Read More]

What Mobile Photo Sharing App Do You Use?

The newest photo mobile application is Instagram. Instagram has only been around for about nine months, it already has more than 5 million users and 150 million photos. Instagram is an iPhone app It is easy to use and extremely fast to upload iPhone photos. Photo show up in your Facebook and Twitter stream. Image: Sean Percival Repost This Article [Read More]

Facebook Messenger for Facebook Friends and Your Contacts

Facebook Messenger is a new application introduced to 500+ million Facebook friends on Facebook. It lets you send and receive messages from anyone who is a Facebook friend or in your Android or iPhone contacts list. If the person is a friend on Facebook, the app lets you decide where to send the message as either [...] [Read More]

Facebook Imports All of Your Mobile Telephone Contact List

Facebook imports and share your entire mobile contact list in to your Phonebook on Facebook. Not sure how you may feel about it but your friends that are not on Facebook and does not list their mobile telephone number might throw a hissy fit. #justsaying you might want to do some housekeeping from time to [...] [Read More]

ATT Wireless Annoucement for Smartphone Customers With Unlimited Data Plans

ATT wireless customers may not like the new update to their smartphone plans. Especially folks who data hog with their smartphone attached to their ears while on the go will begin to experience slow speeds. The update about the ATT Smartphone update becomes effective Oct 1, 2011. The top 5% of AT&T’s data users in [...] [Read More]

Consolidate Your Rewards Cards on Smartphone with CardStar

  I post a link to CardStar a month ago on my Facebook newsstream but did not post a blog post. I feel like reminding folks again about the awesome smartphone application. It is absolutely the perfect gadget for dolls and dulls who know how to make their money work for their wallets. Nowadays there is [...] [Read More]

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