WordPress Video Plugins

I started experimenting with my blog today with plugins I found on the Internet that totally screwed up my WordPress 2.6.3 blog write post panel buttons. I couldn’t leave well enough alone, oh no I wanted to try something different for my blog. I do have a weakness for test driving beta software, technology, cameras [...] [Read More]

Celebrity Blogs

I am a huge fan of Pop Culture and everything celebrity. I love surfing through theybf for the latest photographs of African American celebrities that may not have been covered by mainstream media. Perez who is a big big fan and friend of Paris Hilton gives you all of the scoop on white celebrity with [...] [Read More]

Prevent Website Plagiarism

Scan the web to see who, what and where your content is showing up. In all honesty I really don’t care if someone uses my stuff because there is nothing on the web right now that is that original that would make me stop to check a website for plagiarism. It is not worth the [...] [Read More]

Search Engine Optimization

I am curious about adding videos to my WordPress blog. This should be an interesting video for those interest in increasing their knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. Chris gives you the skinny on SEO known as Search Engine Optimization and building a strong presence on Google with the hope of increasing traffic to your [...] [Read More]

WordPress Plugins

This is an extremely long list of my favorite WordPress plugins. It reads like an “Oprah’s” favorite things list she does in the winter of every year. My all time favorite WordPress plugin for my WordPress blog is WP-SpamFree which has been true to its function since I’ve installed it on my [...] [Read More]

Lens for Rent

There is a place on the internet that has lens for rent for aspiring and professional photographers who don’t have the hard cold cash to purchase the latest and greatest photography equipment on the market today. You can rent it from an online rental company that will mail your equipment right to your door. I [...] [Read More]


In my email my August eNews from onOneExchange discusses the new presets on their website. I am happy to share that they allow you to download presets to use to perfect your digital images. They have some pretty good presets too! I personally love to use Phototools which is a filter that I use within [...] [Read More]


My son and I was discussing the difference between a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BitTorrent_(protocol) and http://www.limewire.com/last night. I asked him what did he think the difference was and he said that “LimeWire” was much faster and “torrents” were more thorough in filtering the junk files. I would have to say I agree to some degree. It seems that [...] [Read More]

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