Slumdog Children Life In the Slums

Where is the money for these child stars who made the movie “Slumdog Millionaire” gross over $300 million dollars? According to the producers they have setup a trust fund for the child stars. WTF! These poor children needed money like yesterday…..their shacks has been demolished. A piece of tin that they called their home torn [...] [Read More]

Flickr Photo of The Moment “Model Mayhem”

Model , originally uploaded by THEPHOTOGRAPHER4YOU. Music: Good Girl Chrisette Michele Repost This Article [Read More]

Food For Thought “Is Your Relationship Making You Sick”?

Did you know that in addition to what we eat that relationships can kill you too? Of course I am listening to the “Michael Baisden” show and the topic “is your relationship killing you”? Earlier in the segment the show was targeted toward women who periods are lasting longer than 30 days, listening to [...] [Read More]

“Michael Baisden show” Getting Real With Your Partner About Obesity

Today’s topic on the “Michael Baison show” the topic will be about challenging relationships and the people who struggle with obesity. He said that it will be a very hot 3 hour show. He said it is going to get down and dirty particularity with women of color. Obesity can take 10 years off [...] [Read More]

Thanksgiving is going to be a hell of a day!

This Thanksgiving Day morning I was surfing my favorite blogs to read the nice happy messages that people tend to write because that’s what they think readers want to read. Well that is not the case with dreamandhustle “For True Hustlers, This is the Best Thanksgiving Ever – Don’t Get Depressed! ” I thought that [...] [Read More]

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