Instagram edit-My neighbor has an awesome green thumb on Flickr.This pic may not be the sharpest. It

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Edited w Instagram Clara Barton Parkway scenic route/DC on Flickr.I decided today that I would use T

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Email Bag | Where Do You Store Your Mobile Photographs?

Hello Dee, What do you do with all of the images you take on your iPhone? Where do you store them? I use to delete all the images once I uploaded the photo onto a photo-sharing website. I now upload the images to my all of my social media handles. Flickr, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. My favorite [...] [Read More]

You Are Not a Gadget and Your Rights of Authorship

  Words to think about and consider when posting your images on the Internet. Lanier talked about Apple and Google, and the future of media content generation on The Edge .   You Are Not a Gadget: Written by Jaron Lanier ”Your Are Not a Gadget excerpt.” The Apple idea is that instead of the personal computer model where people own their own [...] [Read More]

Download Free Artizen HDR Adobe Photoshop Plugins

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Hasselblad Hot New 200-Megapixel Camera for $45,000

Hasselblad H4D-200MS….this gear cost as much as a car. Hasselblad’s patented piezo frame module, captures six shots simultaneously and combines them into an astounding super-resolution picture. WOW! Hasselblad says the camera was designed for studio photographers, whose work requires the ultimate in resolution, extremely fine details and exacting color reproduction. “The H4D-200MS is ideal for [...] [Read More]

Flickr Want Users To Know Your Photos Are Yours..ALWAYS!

Flickr has chimed in a blog post to let their users know photos uploaded to Flickr will remain your images..ALWAYS! Users will retain all rights to the photos they upload. “We feel very strongly that sharing online shouldn’t meant giving up rights to your photos,” says Flickr’s Zack Sheppard. “Our Terms of Service clearly spell out that [...] [Read More]

Photo-Sharing Websites Can Sell Your Images Without Your Permission

  Word has been spreading on the blogosphere that images uploaded to photosharing websites do not need the users permission to sell the images. As The Next Web discovered, photo-sharing apps including Color, yFrog, Instagram, Flickr and Lockerz and Twitpic. Users complaints immediately start flooding Twitpic after learning that Twitpic might be allowed to sell the [...] [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | The Black Saxophone President

  Remember the days when folks use to say and shout that Former Bill Clinton was a “black” president? I think it had something to do with Clinton playing the saxophone, hanging out with black folks in Harlem and had swagger….nowadays I wonder if folks still think that way? Copyranter is asking what the hell is [...] [Read More]

Bloggers United In Class Action Lawsuit Against Huffington Post

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