Phishing Scam: “Your Amazon order has been shipped”

I am behind with checking my email this month. I finally got around to reading my Microsoft Outlook mail. Screech…stop the traffic. Pause. This is a important intranet alert phishing scam “Your Amazon order has been shipped by my Engineer buddies n peeps. I don’t know about you? Most folks do remember the orders they placed [...] [Read More]

Updating Your Privacy on Facebook from Peering Eyes

Now that Facebook is being surveillance by a friend or undercover stranger who could be the FBI and the IRS preparing evidence against your for court. It would behoove Facebook users to update their privacy settings on the social networking website. Most people on Facebook opted for the recommended settings without really understanding what they [...] [Read More]

FNP Watchdog Report Internet Crimes

According to the Frederick Post watchdog, Clifford G. Cumber, this is a summary of an article “Cn I Steal ur $$$ pls”? “Beep” goes the test message alert on your cell phone. It is not from your friends or family. It is a blurb from a company trying to get you call a number and [...] [Read More]

President Obama Fundraiser Steals $290 Million

Look at him looking all innocent in this digital image. This dude was able to allude banks into giving him $290 million by falsifying documents. You have to wonder if there are other folks involved in these scams that are able to get the check without being detected until after the money is spent. It [...] [Read More]

Web of Trust

[singlepic=114,420,340,,] Would you like to download WOT for Internet Explorer? Firefox Would you like to download the WOT bookmarklet for Safari and Opera? Web of Trust Repost This Article [Read More]

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