Declutter 2014 Still in Progress……….

It has been a minute since I’ve visit my own blog. I will be back by months end. I promise. Thank you for reading. Repost This Article [Read More]

Power Breakfast on the Go

When you live in rural America you can’t just simply run to McDonald’s every morning to grab breakfast. Besides I wonder sometimes why do folks that have kitchens if they spend money on breakfast at fast food joints? Power Breakfast on the go consist of 2 fried eggs, turkey bacon, freckled lettuce and tomatoes from our [...] [Read More]

Garden Update | October 16th, 2013

Been on a gardening journey. October 16th, 2013 Sow some greens n brassicas NOW! I may pull up the pepper plants the next two weeks and transplant into container n make the peppers house plant. Peppers are slow growers. Lettuce can grow year round. Sow a seed. Grow food not lawns/ Repost This Article [Read More]

Politricks n Food n Conversations

What it do boo? What’s for dinner YO? IDK….something. Mommy gonna throw down in da crib. Be bless boo and enjoy. God bless the child that has his own. Eat up. Made home made gravy with a spoon of butter, a spoon of flour, stir, add veggies n seasoning. Simmer to a boil and enjoy cooks in [...] [Read More]

Wilting Veggies Goes into Compost Pile

Slogan. You live both feet in the world. A few emails I receive from time to time. F’ you mofos n biddy boos. Justsaying we all have bantering opinionated rants. Here is my bantering opinionated ranting response. What it do I say? Additionally F ogg biddy boo n mofos. Smirk. It’s like that for rea? F [...] [Read More]

Our Eldest Son Teaches Me From da Gate

Our baby is fine as wine. YUP!!!!   Repost This Article [Read More]


Note that is not my face. Put your face on the cartoon. Repost This Article [Read More]

XeeMe n mi XeeU Frugal Foodie & Gonzo Gourmands

Best Pinterest spotted while surfing n trolling on a much needed break today. Shoutout to Terree: Frugal Foods. Repost This Article [Read More]

Dem Damn Rowdy Children in our Hoods

  Best comment I’ve read on one my XeeMe public stream handles today by one one my virtual peep Matthew.: Repost This Article [Read More]

Marigold Seeds Hidden in the Petals

This morning while pruning aka dead heading the Marigolds in our garden. I was surprised to learn there are Marigold seeds in the dried out petals. WOW! I almost threw them away. I picked apart the petal. A surprise Marigold blessing. Repost This Article [Read More]

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