Smokers Tired of of Non Smokers Debate

Image by THEPHOTOGRAPHER4YOU via Flickr There is a website for serious smokers that has tobacco reviews and variety of cigarettes that I have never heard of before visiting their website. I am interest in learning the effect that prohibiting smoking in restaurants, casinos, cigar lounges, local bars hangouts and the workplace has on the revenue of [...] [Read More]

One Life One Test

This One Life ad campaign is making its round on the Internet for individuals to become aware of their present and past physical behaviors….well you know what that means. As the slogan states ” Each Time You Sleep With Someone, You Also Sleep With His/Her Past.” For some of us that could be thousands of [...] [Read More]

Twitters and Bloggers Let Your Voices Be Heard

Image by Getty Images via Daylife There are plans to cut school buses nationwide to reduce the budget. According to the statistics there are 50 million children that are bus every year with 20% fatalities of those who are bused and 800% fatalities of those children who are not bused. That is a huge number of [...] [Read More]

Health Bill Scare vs. Health Care Reform

Based on an article written by the New York Post I started thinking that now is the time to get serious about health and fitness. Plus pray that I don’t need any major health care in the near future. Here is a detailed summary of the bill by the House Committee on Education and Labor [...] [Read More]

Video: Michael Jackson Hair On Fire

The new footage obtained by UsWeekly shows Jackson from behind: the first scene shows Jackson performing the first take for the commercial and the pyrotechnics being fired safely. The second scene shows the fateful sixth take with the pyrotechnics going off early and Jackson’s hair catching fire, and the delay between the fire starting and [...] [Read More]

Videos: Youtube Michael Jackson Tribute

These 2 Youtube videos are the best tributes befitting the “King of Pop”, an excellent collage of pictures, audio clips from him, Janet and beautiful his music. One of Michael Jackson fan put this together video together on Youtube. It is absolutely beautiful and representative of the life that the “King of pop” during his [...] [Read More]

Video: FOX’s Bill O’Reilly Attacks Michael Jackson’s Memorial Coverage

Reilly is the one seeking and exploiting ratings for his show. He call other media outlets out for doing the same thing he is doing himself. Based on his ranting during the interview in this clip it seems that he has a huge issue with Jackson having the audacity to adopt white children to call [...] [Read More]

Don’t Start Slandering the Jackson Children

[singlepic id=612 w=320 h=240 float=center] Just in case some of you are talking out of the side of your neck. Opinions are like assholes, we all have one and here is mine: Yes, Michael Jackson children should have went to their father’s funeral in case there are those questioning it. I went to my mother’s funeral [...] [Read More]

Videos: Michael Jackson Final Tribute

Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, John Mayer, Usher and Lionel Richie are among the stars paying tribute to Michael Jackson on Tuesday July 7 2009. along with them many hundreds of high profile people will be in attendance like L.A. Lakers star Kobe Bryant, actress Brooke Shields, Martin Luther King III and his sister [...] [Read More]

Michael Jackson Finally Laid To Rest

R.I.P King of Pop and my condolences to the entire Jackson family and friends. It is truly a sad day for the entertainment industry and the fans around the world. Keep your heads up! Today will surely be one of the busiest days in history on the Internet and in Los Angeles. The tribute and remembrance of [...] [Read More]

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