Popping In To Say Hello. #YOLO

  What it do boo on this fine Saturday? You Only Live Once mi dear. Hello eeeeerybody checking into thephotographer4you® R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman. A brother went home. Did any of y’all get your daily, monthly, quarterly HIV test? Like really will you be supporting the George Zimmerman fight. BLACKOUT. WTF? Learn about Cryptocurrency. The future of money transactions. YEP! Facebook is 10 years [...] [Read More]

Hair Scarf v. Jihad

I am serious cause I wrap my head in a head wrap that is called a Jihad in Muslim cultures. As a black woman we are known to wear hair scarf on our heads that mimic other cultures. No one wants to have that real conversation though.   Repost This Article [Read More]

Naomi Campbell Skin Care Advice

Doll lost me with the “interview” comment after the break. Whatever. Child please….I thought Campbell was not going to be modeling anymore? Doll does look fabulous in her “First Lady” photoshoot. Girl must be spewing to her high profile fru fru friends? I am going to smear some vanilla yogurt, oatmeal and honey on my [...] [Read More]

Time for the Menopausal Conversation

Why nobody spew bout #Menopause? All I saw was fanning dolls in church. Really now….dat is one hard pill to swallow. Not mad…shit feel like a workout. Umma let you know soon. Not dat deep but….chime in at anytime elders. Repost This Article [Read More]

Honor Breast Cancer Awareness

While we fuss, bicker and banter about #Obamacare. There is someone right now seeking treatment for cancer. Repost This Article [Read More]

Spewing Bantering Rants. Blog Babies dat Deet

I have lost many family n friends. I don’t give a shit. I am spewing bantering rants. YOU? You can always start your own blog. Give me something else to blog about on thephotographer4you. Repost This Article [Read More]

Getting GHOST

I “DO NOT DO” #stress very well at all!!! I mean that shit too family. I am spewing to all of you too…all of you. Family, tenants, foster, biological, foe n friends…all of you. Ain’t dat bitch….bout to be ghost. Y’all getting on my goddamn everlasting nerves. How bout that? Nah…I am only one person. Ain’t got [...] [Read More]

O Let’s Talk About Hair

I must admit my cocoa butter brown skin behind has been fascinated with mi hair over the years. My hair, everyone’s n everybody hair and allowing my own hair to morph into a mane of grey hair. Oprah talks about hair. As I approach the 50 year old mark. I have come to the conclusion. [...] [Read More]

Facebook Time Out Sit in a “24″ Hr. Corner

I am officially placed on a Facebook timeout in a corner for 24 hours. I have been a bad girl. I put Kimora Lee breast on my page. Her breast are consider porn. This is my second warning on Facebook. No pussy, breast, penis or breast pictorials are allowed on Facebook. It is considered porn. Thank you Mark [...] [Read More]


Only folks that do not give a damn about their weight had something asinine to say in response to Tyrese and Beyonce latest stance about obesity. Quite frankly I agree with both of them. Repost This Article [Read More]

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