WATCH | Ladies On The View Walkout on Pinhead

Wigs got twisted, Botox foreheads wrinkled and nostrils flared up when O’Reilly stated that the reason President Obama’s Approval rating is so low is because he wasn’t against the building of the Ground Zero Mosque, and that Americans are furious since “Muslims killed us on 9/11″. Clearly one of the [...] [Read More]

WATCH | Beck v Sharpton Washington, D.C. Rally

The Al Sharpton, Glen Beck, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Rally has went down with a hitch and folks will posting Youttube videos all day…these are a few for your listening pleasure. What is really strange is after the rally Rev. Al Sharpton challenged Glen Beck to come Geraldo Rivera’s Fox News program and [...] [Read More]

Alert | If I Was President To Become A Reality

When Wyclef sang if “If I was President”…I wonder did he think about running for the position while singing the song? According to the cyberstreets Wyclef will make an official announcement on very soon. The Hip-Hop star Wyclef Jean will announce his bid for the President of Haiti. You would have to be living under [...] [Read More]

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