Voter Tools

Ignorance is no longer an excuse to not Vote. Technology has made it possible for everyone to be in the know. Don’t have access to a computer than go to your local library. Need to know if your registered in the state of Maryland Find your voting location and more. Enter the home address where you [...] [Read More]

Google 411

It is worth the extra effort of putting in the extra digits to avoid directory assistance fees on your cellphone, business and residence home phone. Leave it to Google to come up with a solution that is innovative and new technology. I wonder what is going to happen with operators and their job security. [singlepic=36,320,240,,] Repost [...] [Read More]

Lucis Art

I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed with the LucisArt beta program right now. I was prepared to beta test drive the new release of the much talked about LucisArt 3 plugin for Adobe Photoshop plugin but there was a catch 22 involved. I would have to pay $500 dollars plus to [...] [Read More]

Video Plugins

As I said before not all WordPress plugins on the internet are created equal. Believe me; I love them all! However they don’t always do what the description suggest. For example; Viper Video WordPress plugin did nothing for my WordPress blog, it froze and did not allow me to insert a video. The interface is [...] [Read More]

WordPress Plugins

This is an extremely long list of my favorite WordPress plugins. It reads like an “Oprah’s” favorite things list she does in the winter of every year. My all time favorite WordPress plugin for my WordPress blog is WP-SpamFree which has been true to its function since I’ve installed it on my [...] [Read More]

Linking and Spambot

Today has been hell of a day due to my WordPress website acting all kinds of funky and WYSIWYG. My page layout was screwed up and a representative at hostgator was just as confused about my WordPress website as I was. It started yesterday evening when I notice that someone was linking to my [...] [Read More]

Lens for Rent

There is a place on the internet that has lens for rent for aspiring and professional photographers who don’t have the hard cold cash to purchase the latest and greatest photography equipment on the market today. You can rent it from an online rental company that will mail your equipment right to your door. I [...] [Read More]

Google Adsense for my blog

I am beginning to blog on my WordPress website. I selected my theme and the layout is satisfactory for now until I have time to make my own website using Adobe Fireworks. The next step is to monetize my blog with Google Adsense. It was relatively easy to setup an account with Google Adsense. I submitted my application with all of [...] [Read More]

Snipping Tool

Now that I have my website up and fully functional. I want to be able to insert screen shots from surfing the web if I find something of interest to share with my readers. I want to be able to save the files to my computer to upload to Microsoft Windows Vista Premium, Business [...] [Read More]

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