PLEASE PRAY FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. THANK YOU. This country n the globe has been hoodwinked n used as pawns. Never before we need to hang to #HOPE. I am a special sort of Christian. Fuck em…they need to do their job or be booted out. I said it n ain’t taking it back. [...] [Read More]

Breath New Life Into Your Space. America is In Trouble.

  This is what #Poverty looked like to my black ass during my upbringing. Get a goddamn grip n get a fucking clue ASAP. PULL YOUR ASSES TOGETHER NOW! I MEAN DIS RANT….WHAT THE F IT DO? My family n community was poor on the American domestic front. Poor…poverty stricken. Not ashame to tell the world about it nor [...] [Read More]

Cry Sometimes……Have Faith!

What do you lean on in troubling times? Repost This Article [Read More]

Gone Are The Days of WTF!

Read the constitution, learn the law, n study other folks religion, state laws, understand languages n whatnot before you open your ignorant mouthpiece. We all live in a global society in case your living under a rock. Repost This Article [Read More]

Teenager Transition to Adulthood

  Honey moon n all that fru fru shit is over. “I AM NOT PLAYING” at all. NOPE. I suggest your purported adult ass get #FOCUS ASAP before you find out just how fucking grown up my black ass really is….how is dat for real talk? Teenager transitioning to adulthood….ummmm empty netters live too n do [...] [Read More]


Note that is not my face. Put your face on the cartoon. Repost This Article [Read More]


  Repost This Article [Read More]

Church Folks that “Let Go n Let God”.

All of us saints have a image in our mind about what a “saint” looks like n act. It comes a time when you have to reach into the crevices of “internal” self n the creases of your soul n ask yourself some questions. Ever been to church n everyone acting all fru fru n [...] [Read More]

Change Ain’t Gonna Come

Nowadays folks are asking about that change that is suppose to come? What is dat change dat ain’t gonna come? Repost This Article [Read More]

Bro: What if You Were Locked in a Basement? For 10 Years Straight. Molested. Raped and Locked Up? HUH?

  God has a plan for all of us. I believe Charles Ramsey is living based on “God’s divine purpose for his life”. That my brothers and sisters makes him a genuine human being. His act had nothing to do with appearances, his station in life nor his fear. He acted the way he was suppose [...] [Read More]

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