Oh Baby..”HISTORY”….Some Ish You Should Turn a Blind Eye

I have not been blogging for months. I have been on a hiatus. I have been commenting on Facebook and the “IT” social media channels over the last several months. Here is what I discovered.: Repost This Article [Read More]

Alex Jones on the “View” About Charlie Sheen and WW 3

  The Alex Jones Show, a daily talk show that airs on 63 stations nationwide. Jones draws a bigger audience online than Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck combined — and his conspiracy-laced rants make the two hosts sound like tea-sipping NPR hosts on Zoloft. Repost This Article [Read More]

New Rules For The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

According to Bill Maher New Rule: If you’re going to have a rally about where hundreds of thousands of people show up, you might as well go ahead and make it about something. The funnyman but serious about politics gave his two cents and chimed in….the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear he [...] [Read More]

WATCH | Did Glenn Beck’s Rally Restore Honor America?

Glen Beck Amends Stupid Comments About President…he says he has a big fat mouth? He also expressed regret for having asserted last year that Mr. Obama was a racist with a deep-seated hatred for white people, a comment that many critics felt undercut Mr. Beck’s assertion of racial tolerance. Beck wants to [...] [Read More]

WATCH | Bill O’Reilly and Al Sharpton Debate Rally

August 30, 2010: Bill O’Reilly debates Al Sharpton about Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally. Repost This Article [Read More]

WATCH | Beck v Sharpton Washington, D.C. Rally

The Al Sharpton, Glen Beck, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Rally has went down with a hitch and folks will posting Youttube videos all day…these are a few for your listening pleasure. What is really strange is after the rally Rev. Al Sharpton challenged Glen Beck to come Geraldo Rivera’s Fox News program and [...] [Read More]

WATCH | Racist Glenn Beck: “Obama Turned America Into Planet Of The Apes”

I want you to take a look at: Racist Glenn Beck: Obama Turned America Into Planet Of The Apes Anyone that supports racism and discrimination in 2010 are asswipes….why don’t Beck go join a planet with apes like himself? It is obvious from listening to his rantings that he has no love for the current administration…the [...] [Read More]

Happening Around Town | Al Sharpton Reclaiming the Dream

Al Sharpton has been on his grind since he hit the sidewalks running to fight discrimination and injustices against folks in this country since the civil right era. Dude is relentless, does not give a damn about the naysayers and could care less if you don’t like him. One thing is for certain is we [...] [Read More]

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