Remembering 9 years old

My sister bought my niece down to Maryland on the train to hang out with her Auntie on her 9th birthday. My niece was born on the same day that my brother married his wife 9 years ago. My sister was in labor for 19 hours with this precious little girl. We lost our biological [...] [Read More]

Fake Makeup Ad By eyeslipsface

This is why I love twitter: Information received from family and friends aren’t always researched before it is sent in emails. Girls like me and my family get excited and hyperventilating about deals. When we got that email about Nordstroms having a $1 sale and changing their labeling. Well, lets just say we were besides [...] [Read More]

Video: WTF? Miss California

Oh my goodness….this is too good for words. I love it when the news get a little bold in questioning the alleged religious and ethics of these holier than thou girls and women who pose as innocent victims of revealing nude photographs taken without their knowledge. Miss California attempted to hide behind her Christian views [...] [Read More]

Flickr Photo of The Moment “Model Mayhem”

Model , originally uploaded by THEPHOTOGRAPHER4YOU. Music: Good Girl Chrisette Michele Repost This Article [Read More]

Places To Shop To Stretch Your Money

Stretch your dollars by shopping at Prime Outlets for bargains on high end products. Nowadays everyone need a bargain to stretch their dimes to survive the economic crisis. Prime Outlets has all the high end designer gear, food, electronics, jewelry, makeup, handbags, perfume, shoes, and games. You get the picture…anything your heart desires, Prime [...] [Read More]

My Flow Is So Tight Video

This is one way to get famous…write a song about the most talked about celebrity beat-down since the “Ike and Tina” era. Poor kids don’t have a chance to resume a normal life until the media and bloggers give it a break. Chris Brown went from the kid next door with get milk commercial to [...] [Read More]

Strong PSA Movie “Cut”

This should have been Rihanna promoting a strong PSA message against violence towards women instead of portraying a party girl image to the media. Someone in her inner circle should be advising her to use her celebrity in an effort to promote, produce and be a voice for women. You know what; partying is not [...] [Read More]

“Sexy Ladies” video by Ray J

“For the Love of Ray J” reality television celebirty aired on VH1. Known as Brandy’s baby brother and the dude who film Kim K while dating her brings us a new music video that is easy on the eye this go around. Women better make sure this young man don’t have a camera in his [...] [Read More]

*NSFW* 50 Cents Continues To Taunt Rick Ross

[singlepic id=301 w=420 h=340 float=] 50 Cents and Rick Ross have been beefing for weeks now. I can’t remember what started it but it has taken a turn that I’m sure Ross didn’t even see coming. After watching this video Ross should really check out the women he sleep with especially if they can be lured [...] [Read More]

People are reporting Chris and Rihanna together.

Hahaha; the jokes are on those who reported information about the Chris Brown and Rihanna beat-down. I told ya SO! Leave them children alone, my grandmother would always say that when we were kids and fought among ourselves. Rihanna is an island girl and Chris Brown is an American African American boy who fell in [...] [Read More]

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