Things People Pretend That Does Not Exist

I do not give a shit who you are either. Black, white, purple, green, yellow and blue and whatever your ethnicity? People come in all spectrum of the rainbow, shapes and sizes. #EnoughAlready. We all bleed red and all our hearts pump red blood. Lest your ass is a alien from outer space or from another [...] [Read More]

Why Do I Love Gay People? The LGBT Community? The Truth….

    thephotographer4you® (Delores Randall) commentary and bantering rant about why I will represent the gay community, love gay people, LGBT community and thoughts on why our society should step off with their to the left opinions about gay folks! Repost This Article [Read More]

WATCH | The Downlow Gay Life In Atlanta

Repost This Article [Read More]

Cover of the Day | The Love Issue

“One of the things that always amuses me — amuses isn’t even the right word, because it doesn’t amuse me — but often, I’m at dinner parties with very close friends, straight, and they realize that Richard and I have been together 24 years, and the response is often, “Wow, you guys have been together [...] [Read More]

WATCH | Civil Unions: A Love Story

Youtube video description…Because, at the end of the day, gay couples deserve to be just as naive, corny, impetuous, bitter and f**d up about marriage as straight couples are. Civil Unions are not exactly a straight, gay or transexual union….it is a civil union between two people. Repost This Article [Read More]

T.D. Jakes Tell It Like It Is….Get A Bucket of Blood! Save Yourselves…Pray for Everybody!

Preach Bishop….I need a bucket of truth and send me a bucket of that blood too! I need a whole bucket of blood to splash on everyone I know…lord knows we are an imperfect bunch of folks! I am totally in agreement with Bishop T.D. Jakes sermon. What the heck is he suppose [...] [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | Nicki Minaj: Hip Hop Oddity

The digital images for the cover story: Nicki Minaj: Hip Hop Oddity are absolutely fabulous. Photography by GL Wood Styling by Brent Austin Coover. Nicki Minaj is a 25-year-old rapper from Queens, New York, with a wickedly clever flow and never-ending supply of pop culture punch lines. Except when she’s Roman Zolanski, her gay male [...] [Read More]

Book | Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Volume 1. Photographs by Jeff Sheng

It is the first ever photobook featuring the portraits and stories of closeted service members in the United States armed forces who are currently serving and affected by the laws that mandate the discharge of openly gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-identified soldiers in the United States military. In 2009, American artist Jeff Sheng gained the [...] [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | Queen Latifah Finally Show The World Her Lesbian Lover

The moment folks have been waiting for…uh huh! Can you stand the truth? Repost This Article [Read More]

R.I.P. Candice Boyce co-founder of the African Ancestral Lesbians United for Societal Change

I am a firm believer that it is not cool to dumb down, be ignorant, be stuck on a view that alienates your intellectual growth, not opening your perception to become aware that we live in a world of a diverse group of people and that there are issues that exist in our world that [...] [Read More]

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