Out The Effin Gate…I MEAN IT TOO!!!!

Whatever I am cussing n spewing. FUCK Y’all simple minded bitches and mofos. Kid go do you. Let the door know hit you in the ass. Since you bad n whatnot. Ain’t nobody got time for your snotty nose ass. Parents need to take back their power in their cribs. UMPH! Fuck that. Note this….I can [...] [Read More]

HOMIE | This Message Is For YOU.

Take your ass home. Get your f’ng ass off dat pedestal n check your childish n mature buffoonery at the gate. k. Seriously. Why you mad again? Nah boo…..Yeah I heard bout it. Not today. Pull dat shit in n get over yourself! Ain’t nobody got time for dat shit. Get over yourself n check [...] [Read More]

Government is Under Evaluations

I believe the folks that work in the United States of American government is undergoing evaluations. Not sure why I feel that way. I hear the shaky voices n whatnot C-SPAN. Listen to dem peeps that represent your local communities…you know dem peeps you voted for. Listen to them after the vote representing your best [...] [Read More]

Gone Are The Days of WTF!

Read the constitution, learn the law, n study other folks religion, state laws, understand languages n whatnot before you open your ignorant mouthpiece. We all live in a global society in case your living under a rock. Repost This Article [Read More]

Teenager Transition to Adulthood

  Honey moon n all that fru fru shit is over. “I AM NOT PLAYING” at all. NOPE. I suggest your purported adult ass get #FOCUS ASAP before you find out just how fucking grown up my black ass really is….how is dat for real talk? Teenager transitioning to adulthood….ummmm empty netters live too n do [...] [Read More]

HOP SCOTCH “Troll Bitches”.

  Repost This Article [Read More]

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