Declutter 2014 Still in Progress……….

It has been a minute since I’ve visit my own blog. I will be back by months end. I promise. Thank you for reading. Repost This Article [Read More]

8 Reasons to Grow Basil

When I made an decision to replace my tropical plants in our home with plants that my family could consume. I had no ideal what joy and pleasure I would have in the transition. I have been growing tropical green foliage indoors for the last 25 plus years in every dwelling I’ve lived in during my life [...] [Read More]

Grow Basil in your Kitchen Garden

I have received your email about how to grow basil in you kitchen garden. Thus far I love my container Basil plant. I have planted basil outdoors in my garden. I find that Basil tend to grow slower outdoors…. The basil in the photograph above was started from seed. I’ve transplant my basil plant outdoors in [...] [Read More]

Tom Ford Is An GQ International Man in Japan

Tom Ford featured in GQ Japan No. 90 November 2010 issue. Ford is known for his luxury clothing, accessories, fragrance and cosmetics. トムフォードの11月赤道ギニア トムフォードは、『GQ JAPAN』90号2010年11月号に掲載。フォードは、彼の高級衣料品、アクセサリー、香水、化粧品で知られています。 Tomufōdo no 11 tsuki sekidō ginia Tomufōdo wa,“GQ JAPAN” 90-gō 2010-nen 11 tsuki-gō ni keisai. Fōdo wa, kare no kōkyū iryō-hin, akusesarī, kōsui, keshō-hin de shira rete imasu. Repost This Article [Read More]

Fierce Women | Mary J. Blige Makes History with “My Life”

Mary J. Blige made history with her new fragrance “My Life” on HSN. You’re a fierce diva when you can market a fragrance without anyone smelling it. The “Queen of Hip-Hop Soul.” solded 50,000 plus units on HSN in about 6 hours of air time-to women who want to smell like her. If you’re familiar [...] [Read More]

thephotographer4you Welcomes All Sponsors

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Diddy “I am King”

This is a toss up for me because Jamie Foxx would like to play the first black James bond too! Jamie is soo funny and brings a different type of flavor to the screen. For Diddy Blog 35, Diddy decided to post a mini movie ad for his newest Sean John cologne, I AM KING. The [...] [Read More]

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