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The Kindest Man I Know – Happy Father’s Day to My Dad

Happy Father’s Day Daddy…I love you always and forever. I will dance with you forever in my heart. You are the dad of all dads and have been the main man of my household growing up…thank you dad! This picture has to be at least 30 years old. I have been walking around with a camera [...] [Read More]

Essay To People “President Obama Is the Father He Never Had”

President Barack Obama penned an exclusive essay to “People” he is the father he never had will appear in the next issue of PEOPLE Magazine. The president is speaking on how he raises his two girls, Sasha and Malia, without having a father figure of his own as a model for how to be a [...] [Read More]

Video: 4 Our Sons

A compelling story told by 19 important and powerful African American men. 1 out of every 3 mostly fatherless Black sons born in this decade will end up in prison. This film seeks to stem that flow…1 out of every 3 mostly fatherless Black sons born in this decade will end up in prison. This [...] [Read More]

My Daddy Had A Stroke

Georgetown University Graduate 2009, originally uploaded by THEPHOTOGRAPHER4YOU. My Mom called me a couple of days ago. She said “Dad and I” are going to check out our Comcast phone because it has been giving us problems, unbeknown to me, she was dealing with an life event that was going downhill real quickly but she [...] [Read More]

Tribute To Wayman Tisdale & Family

Channel 8 did an excellent job of coverage of Wayman Tisdale memorial services. This beautiful tribute showing him and his beloved family appearing strong throughout what could have bought most of us to our knees. I say that literally and with no pun intended….jeez, after reading his story, I would have been crushed and despondent. [...] [Read More]

Tribute To Wayman Tisdale

Wayman Tisdale, husband, father, son, humanitarian, basketball and Jazz musician great has passed on to a peaceful place, may his soul rest in peace. If you ever have a chance, go out and purchase one of Tisdale albums. I am as stunned as the family and his many fans….he will be missed. I will remember [...] [Read More]

“On the Ocean” by K’ Jon

This morning the “Tommy Pranks” on the “Steve Harvey” morning show was hilarious. He played a prank on a deacon of a church and they prayed, than it got really hilarious when Tommy told him he knew about him going into the hospital for a surgical procedure. Tommy told the deacon that he wanted one [...] [Read More]

Bush Late Night Regulations

What are you doing in the wee hours of the night? Probably dancing the night away with friends in celebration of the kickoff of the Presidentual inaugaration festivities in the Washington, D.C area, getting that last alcohol bar call drink, trying to get that girls or guys number, looking for a one night stand to [...] [Read More]

The Baby Hand

I was on stumbleupon when this image appeared in my window. It is a very interesting photograph that has been around the Internet and in news stories. There is a story behind this “Baby Hand”. This is the first time I ever heard about the baby and saw the infamous picture of “The Baby Hand”. [...] [Read More]

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