Digital Photo of the Day | Chanel Iman

Word on the Internet street is that military fashion is the it clothing for the summertime. Inspired by the runways…Chanel Iman will be featured on China’s Vogue June 2010 issue…girl got legs for days. Chanel Iman (born Chanel Iman Robinson) is a Korean/African-American model from Atlanta, GA…..Chanel is fierce! Repost This Article [Read More]

Fierce Women | IMAN

Iman Boots Kelly Rowland Off The Fashion Show IMAN must have woke up this morning feeling menopausal and need to up her estrogen or she just was not in the mood for any nonsense. The Devil Who Wore Prada is in the building. I can see it now…..they were moving their asses! You a bad bitch [...] [Read More]

Fierce Women | O, The Oprah Magazine Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Oprah Winfrey brought her celebrity friends out for her NYC charity walk to celebrate the 10th anniversary of “O, The Oprah Magazine”. The theme was “Live Your Best Life,” and fierce bitches was in attendance. ….. Why: No explanation needed……these dolls right here are absolutely fierce! I heart them! Check their resume online and any place [...] [Read More]

Fierce Women| Now That Is One Cell Phone Throwing Diva

Now this is one bad ass bitch for your ass! Anytime you can go on Oprah with your married man and he respond to the “HBIC” and say ” I have been separated for ten years” and the HBIC doesn’t blink. You a bad bitch in my book! Naomi Campbell is a fierce bitch! Why does [...] [Read More]


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WTF Digital Photo of the Day | Lady Gaga Amputates Leg For Fashion

The Internet is a buzzing about Lady Gaga amputated leg….did she really do it and is it true? Is this women on drugs? Why in the world would anyone amputate a limb in the name of fashion is beyond me….she thinks its is cool! I think she done lost her doggone mind. She may get [...] [Read More]

iGotaBigAssPocket Pants for iPad

The OhNo!Doom designer team has designed those pants to satisfy the needs of the market when new iPad arrives in stores. The message that is written on the photo says enough: The iPad ‘game changer’ requires from you to change your pants. iGotaBigAssPocket pants should cover all of your MyiPadPwnsYouriPhone-style needs. The OhNo!Doom designers claim that [...] [Read More]

NSFW Photos: Getting Naked for Love

Image by Getty Images via Daylife The models all stripped of their clothing while posing nude in identical positions/poses for the latest issue of LOVE. Love Magazine releases third bi-annual edition and its created eight different covers each showing a different model, who are claimed to represent our ideal of beauty in the fashion industry. The models [...] [Read More]

Photographers Shooting for Fashion Week

The year is going to be interesting for the lovers of fashion, makeup and costumes that are over the top presented at fashion week shows around the globe. Photographers flock to these events hoping to get fabulous digital images to build their portfolios and a chance to network with other photographers and fashion industry individuals. [...] [Read More]

Diddy’s Last Train To Paris

[slideshow id=36] Natalia Vodianova & Diddy by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue February 2010. Perhaps when Diddy was on his last train to Paris in these editorial images he is picking up a model chick outside of his ethnicity? He is a man who is known to date a variety of women from different ethnic groups. The [...] [Read More]

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