Bridal Showcase

[singlepic=139,420,340,,] It is that time of the year when brides are booking vendors for their special day. Washington Bridal Showcase produces bridal shows in the Mid-Atlantic region, including shows in the Baltimore, Richmond and Washington areas. Bridal Showcase Repost This Article [Read More]

The Baby Hand

I was on stumbleupon when this image appeared in my window. It is a very interesting photograph that has been around the Internet and in news stories. There is a story behind this “Baby Hand”. This is the first time I ever heard about the baby and saw the infamous picture of “The Baby Hand”. [...] [Read More]

Using flickr to post pictures into your blog

It is very easy to setup the blogging utility in Flickr to post an image in a blog entry. The size setting can be changed from within the post on your WordPress 2.6.5 blog. Flickr is an online storage for pictures and videos that you can share with the world. I like to think of [...] [Read More]

Thanksgiving is going to be a hell of a day!

This Thanksgiving Day morning I was surfing my favorite blogs to read the nice happy messages that people tend to write because that’s what they think readers want to read. Well that is not the case with dreamandhustle “For True Hustlers, This is the Best Thanksgiving Ever – Don’t Get Depressed! ” I thought that [...] [Read More]

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day! See ya’ in cyberworld! 2008 American Music Awards So What! I like it…what can I say. If you want to see more videos check out Google, Youtube and the AMA. I like these performances. They rock just like JW FL Media Player. Jada Pinkett Smith is a women of many facets. Wicked Wisdom [...] [Read More]

Wedding Day

Both videos are awesome and targeted for couples, engaged folks and married people too! Well at least I thought so; These videos are too funny! This is an excellent website for engaged and married couples to learn a few things before the big Wedding Day. Most couples can benefit from marriage counseling of some kind. [...] [Read More]

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