#Klout Perk help to purchase #KitchenAid hand beater on sale #iphoneography

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#ILoveNY shirt and the scarf grabbed my attention. #iphoneography

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Handbags #iphoneography (Taken with Instagram at Macy’s)

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Another reason to #VOTE PRESIDENT OBAMA 2012

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Got Klout?

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How to focus in the age of distraction [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Dorli Rainey the 84 Year Old Lady In Combat Boots

Seattle Post-Intelligencer photographer Joshua Trujillo captured the image of pepper-sprayed octogenarian, Doril Rainey, the former school teacher that has quickly gone viral across Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. On Countdown last night, 84-year-old Dorli Rainey told Keith Olbermann her story about getting pepper sprayed by the Seattle Police. ”I feel great. I feel so energized. It’s so amazing the effect a little pepper spray can have on you.” [...] [Read More]

Blogging Is Boring….

Yesterday I received a comment on my Facebook wall from a dear neighbor that gave me a jaunt to start blogging vigorously again. You always keep me so up to date! Would be lost without your posts! Thanks neighbor! Repost This Article [Read More]


It is time to run your security software on all of your home and business computers. It appears that a virus has been running rampant on Facebook and in folks ISPs. I received the email below from Comcast. If you have not updated your security software, now would be an excellent time. FBI officials said 4 million PCs [...] [Read More]

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