Things People Pretend That Does Not Exist

I do not give a shit who you are either. Black, white, purple, green, yellow and blue and whatever your ethnicity? People come in all spectrum of the rainbow, shapes and sizes. #EnoughAlready. We all bleed red and all our hearts pump red blood. Lest your ass is a alien from outer space or from another [...] [Read More]

Our Eldest Son Teaches Me From da Gate

Our baby is fine as wine. YUP!!!!   Repost This Article [Read More]

Jail Ain’t Just a Black Thing

What is America to you? Is it only based on the color of ones skin? Being in jail is not just a black thing. Pay attention. Please wake up sheeple. What is #America to me….the house we all live in. Suppose to be a home for all of #Gods #children. I am just a messenger of the music. Corporal slavery coming [...] [Read More]

HEEHAW…Since the First African American. “RIDE BOO”. HEEHAW”. Just gonna say “HEEHAW!”

Damn skippy. Ain’t no African American rode in the derby since 1902. WTF? is that shit about. Do not mind that comment. 21st First Century a a African American ” I am not suppose to notice” and not is the rest of the world…shall we say universe. Whatever….oh boy “KEVIN”. Baby if you do not [...] [Read More]

Since 1902 until I Rode a Horse….Black

Some folks want to whitewall the facts, do away with history, and simply brush shit under the carpet. Some of us black folks are not mad. We are just simply happy to witness what we already know about ourselves. I was a kid when I had my first experience with a horse. My brother “Eric” loved [...] [Read More]

Black History | Never In A Million Years

  Never in my lifetime could I’ve fathom the thought I would ever see a woman that bear the same skin color as I in the “White House”. You must understand. I never thought for one second, nor dream that I would see a “African American” woman as a “First Lady”. It was not on my [...] [Read More]


Like really in order to be connected in Social Media means to sit at my desk and type out my bantering rants. I did my part for the day. May not like my deets but they are my deets for the newsfeed for today. I must connect to reality today. Life is worthy of staying [...] [Read More]

How Do People Vote?

Who you vote for is entirely dependent on your own personal beliefs. How do you VOTE? I vote based on what I want to see improved within my community, how will the people will fair and does the person I vote for believe in what they are saying. Repost This Article [Read More]

Understand This : The Golden Years Can Kiss My Ass.

And you know that is right. The Golden Years Can Kiss My Ass. Let some folks tell it folks over a certain age are old, outdated and no longer useful in society. Who lied to these people? Who the fuck are these people that proclaim folks over 35 years are no longer useful? Asswipes without [...] [Read More]

DeeDee’s Own Black History Experience with my Children J & D

Whatever…my boys don’t like it when I brag about them but who gives a hoot. I have my own black history experience with my children…they mine I tell you…screw what anyone or they say. I am an proud mommy…and so is their daddy. Sure AM…YUP! My baby graduated from the United States Air Force Academy…sure [...] [Read More]

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