Our Eldest Son Teaches Me From da Gate

Our baby is fine as wine. YUP!!!!   Repost This Article [Read More]

Getting GHOST

I “DO NOT DO” #stress very well at all!!! I mean that shit too family. I am spewing to all of you too…all of you. Family, tenants, foster, biological, foe n friends…all of you. Ain’t dat bitch….bout to be ghost. Y’all getting on my goddamn everlasting nerves. How bout that? Nah…I am only one person. Ain’t got [...] [Read More]

Message for the 18 years and Older Crew

This message is not personal. It is specifically for the 18 year and older crew that believe life is always going to be child’s play. It is an message to alert the kids at heart to the beginning of their adulthood in case no one ever told them otherwise. Time to wake up and realize [...] [Read More]

High School Students Consider Attending A Military Academy

Many students are graduating from high school with no idea how they will be paying for college. After spending countless hours on maintaining good grades, participating in extracurricular activities and making sacrifices with the hopes of attending college one day. Consider a military academy for your education, a lifetime experience and [...] [Read More]

Alert |Facebook Security

Image via CrunchBase While away enjoying and cheesing hard about my eldest son’s graduation….things have changed in cyberspace on the Facebook cyber street. Facebook made an announcement about their security on May 28th, 2010.: We announced simplified privacy controls in response to your feedback. These new settings are continuing to roll-out and they should be live [...] [Read More]

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