YouTube Facebook Murder

This Youtube video is Asia McGowan addressing haters who visit her youtube page. She was a baby barely a women who life was taken by another youtuber. Sad! I was reading one of my favorite bloggers this afternoon called DreamandHustle today who brought to my attention about a young lady named Asia McGowan who was murdered [...] [Read More]

Rules of the garage.

The story: President Obama vowed Monday to ease the financial plight of the nation’s small businesses, promising immediate action to revive frozen credit markets. President Obama made his remarks to reporters after he and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner met in the White House with representatives of the Small Business Administration. The president called small businesses “one of the [...] [Read More]

Housing Bailout Plan For Regular Folks

Up to 9 million families/folks will be eligible to benefit from President Obama’s mortgage bailout plan for regular folks. People will be able to restructure or refinance their mortgage to avoid foreclosure. Our president is doing everything he can to keep the United States afloat. It is very weird that he would inherit this trillion [...] [Read More]

White Man thinks White Women Suck!

[singlepic id=234 w=420 h=340 float=] This statement was conveyed at the end of the discussion about “black love” today on the “Jamie Foxx, “The Foxxhole“ morning show which aired at 10:00 am on Satellite radio. These are not my words; they are the words of a white dude who alleges that he will only date non black [...] [Read More]

President Barack Obama has selected his team.

This is an powerpoint presentation: President Elect Barack Obama team which will lead this country for the next four years. Get ready for the ride! Obama-America-I’m-Ready to lead this Country [singlepic=123,420,340,,] Illustrated by Shepard Fairey Repost This Article [Read More]

President Barack Obama chilling with the First Lady “Michelle” and his daughters.

MUSIQ SOULCHILD “SO BEAUTIFUL”. President Elected Barack Obama has swagger like no other President elected to the White House on the hill before him. This is going to be a very interesting ride for the world to witness. I am glad that I am alive to witness it, the good and the funky. Viewing this [...] [Read More]

President-Elect Barack Obama speaks about bailout plan for the people.

It sounds like President Elected Barack Obama has a plan to bail out the working class people. I sure hope that is the case with his bailout plan he speaks of in this video. This economy sucks big time for everyone. It is going to be a horrible Christmas for a lot of people. We [...] [Read More]

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