WATCH | “Single Ladies” By Queen Latifah “Flavor Unit Entertainment”

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WATCH | G.A.Y.S. (Guys Against You Serving)

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WATCH | D’Atra Hicks appearance on Divorce Court [Full]

Loren Harper D’Atra aka Deitra husband want an divorce. She said he is a lying cheating internet whore. This is too funny…sort of like the Tyler Perry “What Happens in the Dark and Madea’s Family Reunion” stage plays she appears in…Ole’ girl started to hum during the proceedings and at the end she breaks out [...] [Read More]

Cover of the Day | Jamie Lee Curtis Comes Clean About Good Housekeeping

Modern women are just bombarded. There’s nothing but media telling us we’re all supposed to be great cooks, have great style, be great in bed, be the best mothers, speak seven languages, and be able to understand derivatives. And we don’t really have women we’re modeling after, so we’re all looking [...] [Read More]

Shirley Q. Liquor Impersonate Black Women

Dude is not funny to some folks with his dry humor. Comedienne and professional drag queen Chuck Knipp says that its all in love and fun. He has cultivated his own version of Black woman drag queen comedy under the titles ‘Shirley Q. Liquor’ and ‘Betty Butterfield. Knipp’s portrayal of a Black woman is causing [...] [Read More]

WATCH | I’ma Be Me

Wanda Sykes has been nominated for two Emmys for her HBO stand up I’ma Be Me. The HBO special is nominated for both Outstanding Variety, Music, Comedy Special and Outstanding Writing in a Variety Music or Comedy Special. The Wanda Sykes’ Show and her sitcom The New Adventures of Old Christine, both shows have [...] [Read More]

Comedic Beef Part II | Howard Stern and Robin Respond To Jamie Foxx

Howard Stern via Not one to take anything lying down, Howard Stern fires back his response to Jamie Foxx especially when he got wind that Jamie called Robin a house negro behind a class window. He goes in deep about how many holes are in Jamie, he’s gay and the whole nine yards but he [...] [Read More]

Comedic Feud: Jamie Foxx v. Howard Stern

First it started with Howard Stern comment that threw the Internet into a verbal beat-down about Oscar winner Gabby’s enormous weigh and she will never get a leading lady role in Hollywood. Jamie responded with his Gabby comment. Now it is on with the two popular comedians throwing rocks at one another on Sirius radio! [...] [Read More]

Jamie Foxx Is A Law Abiding Citizen

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Bill Maher Rules

Cover via Amazon Yesterday I watched Bill Maher stand up comedy while I nursed away my cold. I laughed my mouth off but he had me thinking at the same time. Maher is funny, real and he keeps it raw in his comedy. He has some new rules for us to live by, check him out [...] [Read More]

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