WTF Moments | Kim Porter Kissing Her Son on the Lips

Hmmmmm……at first glance I am thinking WTF is she thinking and is this women high? What’s really going on in this picture and do mothers really kiss their sons full on the lips? I must not get out enough or I am not down for weird shit! I need to call my nephew and speak [...] [Read More]

WTF Moments | Overpriced Jewelry

I am not trying to knock anyone’s hustle but you would have to be an individual with no ideal about the different between disposable income and discretionary income to rush out an buy the latest “IT” gear shit on the market today. Most celebrities have money or in the position to waste money on shit [...] [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | The Naked Truth

Kim Kardashian, Joy Bryant, and Amanda de Cadenet revealed the naked truth about their bodies in Bazaar May 2010 issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Each celebrity will reveal what they like about their un-touch and Photo-shop free body. Not to be outdone by Harper’s Bazaar, Allure magazine convinced several models to take their clothes off to reveal their [...] [Read More]

The 50 Most Powerful Gay and Lesbians on Earth

If there was ever a time to be out now is that time as more celebrities are wearing the title of being gay, bisexual and lesbian proudly. People come and people go, and this—our league table of America’s most influential gay men and women—reflects an awful lot of coming and going since it debuted in [...] [Read More]

In Case You Missed It: Super Bowl Entertainment

CBS has you covered with all of the commercials aired on television during the 44th Annual Superbowl. The Superbowl was the best entertainment on television last night with celebrities flocking to Miami to cheer for their favorite teams. The Saints took home the trophy, overall an excellent game was played by both football teams. Repost [...] [Read More]

Mark Curry Dishing The Dirt on Diddy

Nowadays people are dishing dirt on celebrities lifestyles and how they became famous. Allegedly, Mark Curry, author of “Dancing with the Devil: How Puff Burned The Bad Boys Of Hip Hop”exposes the nitty gritty of doing business with Diddy aka P. Diddy. Why do we really care how Diddy conducted his business with up and [...] [Read More]

Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You

This Is It! The last moments of Michael Jackson rehearsals and unseen clips never viewed by the public. I look forward to watching the last glimpse of the superstar celebrity life. The Official Trailer is awesome…the movie will be coming to a theatre near you on October 28, 2009 I would love to get my [...] [Read More]

Going For Broke by Baring His Soul

Image via Wikipedia Remember Eddie Griffin the comedian….he has his own reality show basically discussing how he gotten himself in the financial hole and bind that he is currently trying to overcome. The entire country is suffering financially and it has trinkle into some celebrities lives and households. I am not surprise with celebrity reality shows [...] [Read More]

Is the Leibovitz Archive Really Worth $50 Million?

Image via Wikipedia I was reading this very interesting commentary about poor Annie Leibovitz, is her photography really worth all of those coins? Fancy being one of the highest paid photographer in the world only to wake up one day and everyone is questioning the worth of your photographic archive. I can’t say it sucks to [...] [Read More]

Be Safe this Weekend & WTF Moments of the Celebrity Juice on the Internet

While reading my September issue of “Vogue” which I purchased yesterday and anticipating the movie “September Issue” of Anna Wintour and Tyler Perry new movie “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” on September Image by THEPHOTOGRAPHER4YOU via Flickr 11, 2009. Yup! Those two movie may just get me to pay my movie fee to to the [...] [Read More]

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