Only folks that do not give a damn about their weight had something asinine to say in response to Tyrese and Beyonce latest stance about obesity. Quite frankly I agree with both of them. Repost This Article [Read More]


Like really in order to be connected in Social Media means to sit at my desk and type out my bantering rants. I did my part for the day. May not like my deets but they are my deets for the newsfeed for today. I must connect to reality today. Life is worthy of staying [...] [Read More]

Photoshop Can Make You An Celebrity

Oops! Sorry folks but most folks are not what they appear to be in those glossy magazines. This is an example of how magical Photoshop works its magical wand to make folks appear somewhat different than they really are…..huh? I do love Cee Lo “FUCK YOU” video. Repost This Article [Read More]

Herman Cain is Becoming Quite the Celebrity…

Embedded Link VIDEO: Mike Tysons Impersonation Of Herman Cain Watch the video here Google+: View post on Google+ On a side note: Hermain Cain has launched a website to combat the accusers that alleges sexual harassment. Repost This Article [Read More]

WTF Moments | Urban Celebrity and the Media Planking Craze

BEWARE! The urban celebrity community and the media planking craze on a social media network and television screen near you. Celebrities and the media are attempting to start a new craze or ride off the behinds of folks who already started the crazed call “planking.” WTH? WTF? Are these folks thinking? Most of the folks [...] [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | Kim and Dee

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WATCH | H&M Fashion Against Aids Campaign

  Celebrity Keri Hilson and Akon along with other notable celebrities partnered with Fashion Against AIDS campaign in H&M stores nationwide on April 28th. The unisex line will include jumpsuits, hoodies, t-shirts, etc., with 25% of all sales will be donated to the Designers Against AIDS charity. At least every family has experience the lost [...] [Read More]

R.I.P. | Celebrity Stylist to the Stars Dariel D. Pulliam Jr.

  The young and beautiful flamboyant Celebrity Stylist Dariel D. Pulliam Jr. passed away at the heels of his birthday. Pulliam was turning 27 years old before he passed away from MRSA/Staph infection, according to the deets on Sandra Rose blog. I did not know the youngster personally, however he is one of Baltimore, Maryland born [...] [Read More]

Which Celebrity Will Be Asking “Where You At” Next Year?

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WATCH | Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton Apologizes

Self titled celebrity blogger Perez Hilton who was the most hated blogger in Hollywood and the Internet claim to change his stance on bullying. Getting punch in the eye, denounce by your own same sex group and not really being welcome in celebrity social circles was simply to much for the proud and out blogger……he [...] [Read More]

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