Twitter Tweets | A Bunch of Attacks, Scams and Celebrities Rants

MC Hammer Goes After Jay-Z For “So Appalled” Line Fake Nicki Minaj Promoter Busted On Twitter; Scams University Out Of $30K Javascript Web Exploit Attacks Huge Numbers of High-Profile Twitter Users Twitter has allowed us to see directly into the brain of 50 Cent. And it’s not … Nicki Minaj Responds To More False Concert Promotion WTF? Twitter gets the [...] [Read More]

Celebrity Cougars in Bikini’s Twitter Tweets

We can expect more women over the age of 40 years old tweeting twit-pics of themselves flaunting their well toned bodies in front of a bathroom mirror on twitter in the days to follow after Demi Moore gave her twiends a glimpse. 47 is looking good from where I am sitting….#JUSTSAYING if you got it [...] [Read More]

Oh Snap | Celebrity Spouses Cheating Caught In the Act

Today on the radio and in cyberspace cheating celebrity spouses were exposed that are rumored to be cheating on their significant other. What is trending nowadays is celebrities are married individuals in a relationship heading to divorce court, media puts the cheating spouse shady behavior on the front page and call it the story of [...] [Read More]

Blog Spotlight | Transforming Celebrities Into Supermodels

I am spending the weekend catching up with my photography periodicals that I have been putting off from reading. I received the latest issue of After Capture and an article “Transforming Celebrities into Supermodels” written by Andrew Matusik and Stewart Price are is the truth! Dudes entire workflow is all electronic and the duo [...] [Read More]

WATCH | Put A Ring On It

Put A Ring On It This is very cool…. Knowing it’s time to finally pop the question, Michael calls in WE tv’s three proposal experts with one goal in mind. Make magic happen. Can they pull off the perfect proposal? Go to for expert bios, photo galleries, quizzes and more! This weekend was [...] [Read More]

Book | The Celebrity Black Book 2010

The Celebrity Black Book 2010 Repost This Article [Read More]

Cyberlinking | Trolling the Cyberstreet Beat

With the heatwave sweeping the nation and pumping up unheard temperatures on the east coast…my black ass is staying in the house surfing the internet for tea, juice, gossip, gigs and reading my email. Heck it is not like I need to get any darker although it beats putting on a bronze for even skin [...] [Read More]

Cyberlinking | Trolling the Cyberstreet Beat

Why re-invent the wheel and deets when there are bloggers already going there….yeah I get the celebrity scoop, GTFOH and WTF from some of these bloggers posting on the Internet…they bring it. Get into it! Natasha shows us fabulous African America fathers hanging out with family and friends Who has knocked their head and acted like a [...] [Read More]

Blog Spotlight | Xtranormal : Text to Movie

While surfing cyberspace I came across a Youtube clip of Beyonce, Jay Z and other celebrities on the channel. The videos are created with Xtranormal: Text to Movie….profanity laced animated characters…celebrity toe to toe profanity laced verbal conversations! Repost This Article [Read More]

WATCH | Perez Hilton Vajayjay Shots of Miley Cyrus Controversy

Word on the cyberstreet is the most hated celebrity Perez Hilton Photoshopped the infamous no wearing underwear shots of underage Miley Cyrus. The young starlet was climbing out of a car in a dress and wearing no underwear, to his Twitter on Monday with the warning: “If you are easily offended, do NOT click here [...] [Read More]

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