Britney’s Back

Performing on Good Morning America today is America’s favorite blond hair and blue eye celebrity, “Britney Spears”. She singing and dancing with a Circus background. Britney sings and dances to Womanizer. It is a hot track with a nice dance beat. Britney is not quite back like she was when she first hit the scene [...] [Read More]

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day! See ya’ in cyberworld! 2008 American Music Awards So What! I like it…what can I say. If you want to see more videos check out Google, Youtube and the AMA. I like these performances. They rock just like JW FL Media Player. Jada Pinkett Smith is a women of many facets. Wicked Wisdom [...] [Read More]

Steve Harvey is “Still Trippin”

Steve Harvey Repost This Article [Read More]

Britney Spears “Kill The Lights”

I would have to agree with B.Scott with this song. “Kill the Lights” by Britney Spears. It is HOT and has a nice funky dance beat to it. When Britney has positive people around her, she tends to be more productive. All of us have had a moment in our lives that we are not [...] [Read More]

Will Smith on Oprah

I love this video of Will Smith on Oprah. He really is a funny dude. By now there are Barack Obama pictures on the Internet on virtually every blog that I love reading. Check out the pictures and story about Obama’s first day at the White House links are located in my post called “Celebrity [...] [Read More]

Auto Tune

There is an article written in the Washington Post today about T-Pain called “Motor Mouth” written by J. Freedom Du Lac, Washington Staff Writer. Thanks to Auto Tune T-Pain has created his own sound which make him sound like a cyborg or a robot voice. A lot of celebrities are simulating in their sound from Ne-YO, [...] [Read More]

Mami Magazine

When I wrote my blog post last week I failed to mention Mami in my lineup of celebrity blogs. Mami Magazine is not just a celebrity blog; it is in a class all by itself. It represents luxury items, high fashion, newsworthy information, artist, news and music. There have been no bashing of celebrities and [...] [Read More]

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