Pepper Going to Grow Anyway

Ain’t nothing as hot as a Jalapeno or fury hot pepper. No weather can keep it from bearing it’s lovely fruit.   Peppers are worthy of my attention. Dem plants is like come high, frost and cold weather. I am a hot pepper. Pepper gonna grown any way…HA! #foodspotting Repost This Article [Read More]

Easy Baked Egg Cups

  Easy Baked Egg Cups were prepared in under 30 minutes which included preparation and slicing an whole pineapple. Repost This Article [Read More]

New Year’s Eve Preparation

Image by THEPHOTOGRAPHER4YOU via Flickr What are you all doing this year for New Year’s Eve? I was born on that day…..every year has been the same for me. I am forever grateful to welcome in a New Year. Each year of our lives are eventful and should be celebrated in the most festive and spiritual [...] [Read More]

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