So what if Soulja is gay!

With all the reality TV and tell all books on the scene today; people should just be themselves to avoid be made a spectacle by someone who will air out their dirty laundry. Your closet secrets will be put on blast by love ones and friends just for their 15 minutes of so call famed [...] [Read More]


Please note that you can print this post by clicking on the title and scrolling to the bottom of the post. Print blog. Metro: Metrorail will operate rush hour service for 17 consecutive hours (4 a.m. to 9 p.m.), will stay open for two extra hours (until 2 a.m.), charge $4 for parking at its [...] [Read More]

Motivational Videos

Diddy reveals his secret of success on CNBC’s The Big Idea. Les Brown shares a motivational story These two videos were ganked from True Exposure 2 “Your Image Is My Business”. Repost This Article [Read More]

Do we really care? Palin needs to get over it.

She really needs to get over it and move on….Period! She sounds like she is a sore loser but she does bash anonymous bloggers for their hard nose information and why should we believe the information the bloggers report. She stated that the bloggers are not reporting the facts. The voters did not elect her [...] [Read More]

Cadillac Records

I am hearing raves reviews about this movie. Beyonce plays “Etta James”. I am going to see it by this weekend. I love Beyonce marketing and sales skills, they are impeccable. The entire Knowles family are marketing geniuses; there is a lot to be learned from the Knowles clan. I really mean that in a [...] [Read More]

Information For Your Business At Your Fingertips Pt 1.

Over the last couple of weeks I wrote down websites that either came on television or I read in a book or magazine. I read a book called 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss. He had several websites that I found to be very useful to the new business or website just getting started. [...] [Read More]

Mind Your Business

I am sitting here listening to the Michael Baison show. One of tonight’s topic is “Living your dreams” series and it very interesting listening to some of the callers. He is letting the listeners know that they can post their resume, business ideals and business opportunities on iseecolor. There are a lot of people out [...] [Read More]

Music Moment

I am sitting here listening to my one of my favorite artist, actor, musician, singer, comedian, Sirius Radio “Foxxhole Radio and Academy Award winning known as the infamous for his many roles with comedy “Jamie Foxx” on Sirius Foxx Radio while they are broadcasting the show live from Las Vegas. Have a good weekend! Just Like [...] [Read More]

Scam Artist post ads on Craigslist

Craigslist has a lot of scammers listing help wanted ads for fake jobs and illegal activity. This job posting for Procurement clerks is obviously a fake. Example of a fake ad scam Repost This Article [Read More]

Global Domain Websites is a scam

Last night I was on a conference call with a company called GDI which stands for Global Domain Websites. It is a scam to get people to sign up for an account. It sounds like a scam too! There is an help wanted ad on Craigslist for Customer Service Representatives. I scan Craigslist everyday looking [...] [Read More]

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