Good Morning America interview with First Lady Michelle Obama

I don’t what they say, write and draw about “First Lady Michelle Obama”, she is one of the most visible first ladies I’ve have ever had the pleasure of watching. She is the people “First Lady”; President Obama right hand girl is fabulous. You can’t please everyone no matter how hard you try. Repost This [...] [Read More]

Oprah’s Message To Rihanna

Repost This Article [Read More]

Britney Spear’s Dad Is A Hero

Embedded video from <a href=”” mce_href=””>CNN Video</a> Oh my goodness! The visual that I got after watching and listening to how Chris Brown beat on Rihanna makes me have mad respect for Britney Spear’s dad. She should bow down, give her father a big hug and thank “GOD”! Spear’s dad saved her from herself and the [...] [Read More]

Housing Bailout Plan For Regular Folks

Up to 9 million families/folks will be eligible to benefit from President Obama’s mortgage bailout plan for regular folks. People will be able to restructure or refinance their mortgage to avoid foreclosure. Our president is doing everything he can to keep the United States afloat. It is very weird that he would inherit this trillion [...] [Read More]

Torrent Toolbar

[singlepic id=266 w=420 h=340 float=] My blog is all about sharing and spreading the knowledge about the goodies and gadgets I find on the Internet. Information is everything these days and it can make a huge difference with how you run your business and home. Torrent Finder is a Bit torrent Multi Search Engine which searches [...] [Read More]

People are reporting Chris and Rihanna together.

Hahaha; the jokes are on those who reported information about the Chris Brown and Rihanna beat-down. I told ya SO! Leave them children alone, my grandmother would always say that when we were kids and fought among ourselves. Rihanna is an island girl and Chris Brown is an American African American boy who fell in [...] [Read More]

White Man thinks White Women Suck!

[singlepic id=234 w=420 h=340 float=] This statement was conveyed at the end of the discussion about “black love” today on the “Jamie Foxx, “The Foxxhole“ morning show which aired at 10:00 am on Satellite radio. These are not my words; they are the words of a white dude who alleges that he will only date non black [...] [Read More]

5,000 New Technology Topics Going Live on Ulitzer!

This is serious major information overload going on …my head got dizzy just looking at all of the informational topic resources. Technology bloggers will never run out of things to blog about checking out this website. I am very impressed with the listing too! 5,000 New Technology Topics Going Live on Ulitzer! — Technology topics are edited [...] [Read More]

Your Money At Work

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will be carried out with full transparency and accountability — and is the centerpiece of that effort. In a short video, President Obama describes the site and talks about how you’ll be able to track the Recovery Act’s progress every step of the way.(These videos are public domain [...] [Read More]

Twitterfeed your Blog

[singlepic id=195 w=420 h=340 mode=web20 float=] I signed up for Twitter several months ago but I let it just sit there idled unattended until 2 weeks ago. My name was there along with my picture as my avatar until my brother in law sent me an twitter invite. All of sudden I am twittering and following [...] [Read More]

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