Jay Z Onto The Next One

I agree with Jay Z…since when did dude become the savior of black folks? Matter of fact who is the savior of black folks besides the black folks themselves. Black folks still waiting for civil right leaders n church folks to save them? Wait on my brothers and sisters. Dat day is surely coming….march on. Source Who [...] [Read More]

Breath New Life Into Your Space. America is In Trouble.

  This is what #Poverty looked like to my black ass during my upbringing. Get a goddamn grip n get a fucking clue ASAP. PULL YOUR ASSES TOGETHER NOW! I MEAN DIS RANT….WHAT THE F IT DO? My family n community was poor on the American domestic front. Poor…poverty stricken. Not ashame to tell the world about it nor [...] [Read More]

Trading Vegetable Seeds on Social Media Websites

I am slowly leaning toward the attitude about trading vegetables, trees, flowers and landscaping non edible plants seeds the same way I view photography TFCD. Justsaying…..seed trading n selling is bigger than I am. It can become a chaotic gardening journey venture. Repost This Article [Read More]

thephotographer4you® Photos Are PicMonkey

One of my Cyberfriends stat an images that was collage by PicMonkey. Periodically you may notice an image that has been collaged on thephotographer4you® website. DOPE photo editing tool. Above is an collage of my images after using PicMonkey. I love PicMonkey from day one. It does not replace any specific tool. It is another tool [...] [Read More]

How To Raise Money for Your Startup

  Now that President Obama has signed the JOBS Act: Encouraging Start ups, Supporting Small Businesses. As of April 5, 2012 unemployed business minded folks can become entrepreneurs overnight. What does all this mean for an startup? It will make it easier make it easier for startups to raise capital early-stage capital without all the fanfare and red tape bullshit [...] [Read More]

What’s the Deal With Klout? What is It?

  Repost This Article [Read More]

DMV Faces of Design Makeup Artist Kim Reyes

I had the pleasure of meeting makeup artist Kim Reyes when visiting my sister crib a couple of weeks ago. My niece consulted with Reyes for her upcoming nuptials. We had an delightful time learning about various brands of makeup products, watching and listening to Reyes about makeup tips and tricks. I absolutely love her [...] [Read More]

What is the Deal with the Price of Ethernet Cords?

I found this RiteAV – Cat5e Network Ethernet Cable – Blue – 50 ft. on Amazon for under $5.00 with free shipping. I have been perusing isles for an Ethernet cord for weeks. My face would wrinkle from the cost of wires and cords at my local retailers. What is the deal with the price [...] [Read More]

thephotographer4you® Is An Pinhead on Pinterest

Delores Randall is officially an Pinhead. My heart literally swoons with shutterbug and blogger’s glee from the creation of Pinterest. I can feel the oozing of delight in my veins. Dang…why didn’t thephotographer4you® think of that? Pinterest…dude stole my ideal. I kid I kid…ole’ girl got to laugh and keep it fun But on the real. Pinterest [...] [Read More]

Small Business Cheat Sheet for Social Media Presence

Most type A folks just want the small talk and get to the point already. This Small Business Cheat sheet delivers information short and sweet. Small businesses and potentially anyone considering Entrepreneurship should have an social media presence. This cheat sheet was snatched from Pinterest under an infographic pin. Repost This Article [Read More]

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