SHUT UP! Let Whitney Houston Go Home in Peace

SHUT UP! Let this week be a moment of peace for the Houston family. Allow Whitney Houston body and soul be laid to rest. The former legendary and iconic songstress deserves that much…….Houston song her way into heavens gates. R.I.P. baby girl. You will surely be missed but your voice will live in our hearts [...] [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | Bobby Kistrina Sucking Up Cocaine

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown daughter, Bobbi Kristina, responds to the National Enquirer’s via Twitter Repost This Article [Read More]

WATCH | Wayne Brady, Bobby Brown and Mike Tyson

This is definitely one for the books. This comedic Youtube video of Michael Tyson, Wayne Brady and Bobby Brown dancing to Bobby Brown’s hit 1989 song Every Little Step in spandex is too funny for words. I love it! Wayne and Mike masterminded this comedy masterpiece as the latest addition to [...] [Read More]

Macy Gray | Women Over 40 Years Old

“I don’t know how to get a 40-year-old woman on the radio. If she was 20, 25. This record would be incredible.” This quote comes from a powerful record label executive, just before she said no to signing me for my fifth album. And who would fault her? Everybody knows that a [...] [Read More]

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