Comments for your blog

This maybe old news to some people but for this new blogger this is a relatively new feature for me to add onto my WordPress blog. No registrations, no logins for users, optional features such as tracking and pinging brings new meaning to blogging. It is a pain for me to register on a new [...] [Read More]

Celebrity Blogs

I am a huge fan of Pop Culture and everything celebrity. I love surfing through theybf for the latest photographs of African American celebrities that may not have been covered by mainstream media. Perez who is a big big fan and friend of Paris Hilton gives you all of the scoop on white celebrity with [...] [Read More]

RSS Tools

A while back when I was surfing one of my favorite celebrity blogs Sandra Rose when she shared a couple of listing about RSS submission. At the time I simply bookmarked the RSS listings for reading at a later time. I had the opportunity to weekend to skimp over the RSS informational listing and much [...] [Read More]

Video Plugins

As I said before not all WordPress plugins on the internet are created equal. Believe me; I love them all! However they don’t always do what the description suggest. For example; Viper Video WordPress plugin did nothing for my WordPress blog, it froze and did not allow me to insert a video. The interface is [...] [Read More]

WordPress Plugins 2

I have to admit that I am a kid in a candy store when it comes to trying out WordPress plugins. The following plugins cause conflict in some form except the commerce WordPress plugins which I have yet to activate on my WordPress website. I have no use for them right now. I am keeping [...] [Read More]

Search Engine Optimization

I am curious about adding videos to my WordPress blog. This should be an interesting video for those interest in increasing their knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. Chris gives you the skinny on SEO known as Search Engine Optimization and building a strong presence on Google with the hope of increasing traffic to your [...] [Read More]

Flickr Manager

I am test driving my Flickr Manager plugin for my WordPress blog. I am not sure if I like it yet because it disables the Headspace2 plugin for my WordPress blog. To find out more about the developer go to their webpage and give them some kudos. It is too late to messing around with [...] [Read More]


If your looking for simplicity to add images to your WordPress blog. Install Fancyzoom, click and add then activate. FancyZoom works by zooming out your pictures instantly without navigating from your WordPress website. Just insert a thumbnail and when the picture inserted onto your WordPress blog, click it and it will zoom in, add captions [...] [Read More]

Linking and Spambot

Today has been hell of a day due to my WordPress website acting all kinds of funky and WYSIWYG. My page layout was screwed up and a representative at hostgator was just as confused about my WordPress website as I was. It started yesterday evening when I notice that someone was linking to my [...] [Read More]

This is a Remarkable Blog

I was surfing the web last night looking for information about plugins for WordPress when I stumbled upon Remarkable Blog which gives you the 411 on how to insert a post within WordPress. I learned about features that I had no ideal how to use or exist within WordPress. You’ll learn tricks such as adding [...] [Read More]

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