Celebrities Raised From Digital Death on Twitter

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Digital Photo of the Day | President Obama $1 Million Dollar Naked Streaker

This is absolutely worth the digital photo of the day….dude has balls and guts to run naked in front of President Obama. Buzz on the Internet street is that Juan James Rodriguez, 24, of Staten Island was busted in the buff in an attempt to win a $1 million prize for being the first [...] [Read More]

Cover of the Day | The 400 Richest People In America

Billionaire Warren Buffett and Jay Z had a sit down to chat about obtaining wealth in America. Both are on the cover of Forbes Magazine’s The magazine hit newstands today. Bill Gates is still the wealthiest man in America at an astounding net worth of $54 billion, followed [...] [Read More]

Untold Wealth: Rise of the Super Rich

I am watching a show called “Untold Wealth: Rise of the Super Rich”. on CNBC. This station produces very interesting shows which make me think about my future, how am I going become wealthy and controversial topics that have me scratching my head. The channel in my locale is on Comcast CNBC 44. It is [...] [Read More]

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