I Just Want to Let You Know Bout Karma

My mouth is literally hung open. For real. I you C-SPAN. I DO! MUAH! The scripts write themselves. People we need to watch this train wreck….the government shutdown ain’t bout Obamacare. NOPE! We the people needed to hear n tuned into C-SPAN. For real….though. The White House need a tune up n we need the people needed to hear these [...] [Read More]

Hit Dem Pubs in the Wallet

As long as dem pubs are collecting a paycheck while the furlough workers scrimp n scrounge.The government will remain shutdown. These people think this is a joke. I would too if I was collecting a paycheck for buffoonery behavior n not passing a bill for five years. Jokes on the American people and dem tea party [...] [Read More]

Dem Pubs Prefer a Default

American retirees and the working class are a hot topic on the house floor….if I did not know any better. Dem pubs are setting the American people up for a recession > 21st century depression? Sure does sounds like it. All the efforts of Mr. President Barack Obama to move this country forward. Senator Ted [...] [Read More]

40 Attempts to Repeal Obama-Cares

Don’t believe the hype. Obama does care. Dem pubs not so much for the working class constituents that elected them into office. Source Repost This Article [Read More]

Ship Those Niggers Back

#Government #Shutdown silent message that no #news #media will dare address. HA! The one percent is showing their true colors. People like them > code word. All you working class peeps that does not fit into thye working class system. Fight on about the color of one skin. We see where that has gotten us. NOWHERE but a trickled down effect. [...] [Read More]

HELP…..the United States Government n our President of the United States need assistance. We are being taken over by US terrorist . The President of the United States is in trouble. Please help…thank you.

Y’all need to speak the f up NOW! Furlough workers….ummm why so quiet? Ummmm…if I were you I would be spewing bout now. Dem peeps on the hill are working overtime. Dem peeps need your help n goddamn voices…I thought 800K peeps were #fourloughed! One can’t tell on the hill….I’ve been hearing it is a ghost [...] [Read More]

Saute Chard with a Sliver of Garlic. YUM!

There is something to be said about eating saute greens with garlic, onions, herbs and spewing about politics across the dinner table. Dis is day 2 of the government shutdown. Dem pubs n peeps are operating on anger, a few expletives n looking at dem kids that hold the keys to the government shutdown. Repost [...] [Read More]

Duh…..Mr. President “We’ve got better things to do.”

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy You think the President does not have enough on his plate? Like really the President has enough items on his checklist than to worry about besides what Beyonce and Jay z do with their leisure time. I can not recall the media asking former presidents any [...] [Read More]

Oh Baby..”HISTORY”….Some Ish You Should Turn a Blind Eye

I have not been blogging for months. I have been on a hiatus. I have been commenting on Facebook and the “IT” social media channels over the last several months. Here is what I discovered.: Repost This Article [Read More]

The Bible & Satan Roaming the Earth

Word on the street is President Obama resembles “Satan”. Hold up….Satan? The “Bible” producers dismiss this as hogwash. You got that right. Based on my knowledge about Satan. No one has ever saw the devil. Therefore the producers of “The Bible” got stupid jokes. The kind that cause tongues wagging and controversy to get folks [...] [Read More]

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