Amazon Batteries For AT&T Cordless Telephones

My Cordless Phone batteries For AT&T SL82308 SL82418 SL82618 TL92328 SL82318 SL82518 SL82658 TL92378 TL92378 SL82218 SL82408 SL82558 TL92278 TL76008 has finally arrived. I purchased the batteries on Amazon over the weekend. It took less than a couple of days for my AT&T cordless batteries to arrive. The batteries were fully charged for my AT&T cordless [...] [Read More]

ATT Wireless Annoucement for Smartphone Customers With Unlimited Data Plans

ATT wireless customers may not like the new update to their smartphone plans. Especially folks who data hog with their smartphone attached to their ears while on the go will begin to experience slow speeds. The update about the ATT Smartphone update becomes effective Oct 1, 2011. The top 5% of AT&T’s data users in [...] [Read More]

Black History | AT&T 28 Days: History Makers

I can kick myself for moving slow to RSVP a free ticket to attend AT&T 28 Days: History Makers, hosted by Common in Washington, D.C.. It is not often we get an offer for free tickets to attend an celebrity event. That would have been an awesome opportunity to photograph history in the making. I have [...] [Read More]

Alert | The Deal With iPhone 4

CNET has the inside deets about Steve Jobs announcement about the iPhone 4 released to hits retailers stores on June 24th, 2010. The folks who attended Worldwide Developers Conference had an opportunity to get first hand information from the CEO….he even gave attendees an official peek inside the iPhone to set the record straight. Basically [...] [Read More]

Email Bag | AT&T’s New iPhone & iPad Plan

Thanks sista girl: Lisa for the CNN headline…you know I want the 411 and live for the deets w anything concerning this metal gadget called iPhone. I love my iPhone, don’t you? I love the fact that I can surf the Internet, check email and download as much data that my waking eyes will allow..that [...] [Read More]

Text Messaging Applications for iPhone

Textfree for iPhone I learned about this application over the Thanksgiving holiday when one of my son’s bff came over to hang out at the crib and enjoy some of my southern menu. I was very impressed with the capabilities of the application, he was able to send me a text from his touch unit. You [...] [Read More]

Blackberry Storm vs iphone

The new iphone I would have to say who cares to the new iphone. I am strictly a Blackberry lover. Who by the way has came out with their own cellphone called the “Blackberry Storm“. [singlepic=71,320,240,,][singlepic=74,320,240,,] Repost This Article [Read More]

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