Kanye West We Used To Be A Fairytale Video

I wonder if this is Art imitating life? The music is hot and has a Rock vibe. Hmmmm…. scratching my head. I just hope Kanye West is alright in the head, he is a music talent who happens to be going through some things in his personal and business life. Repost This Article [Read More]

Impressive Twitter Photography List Annoucement

Image via Wikipedia This is one of the best list of Twitter Photography resources available on the Internet and I found it reading Photopreneur website. I can not take any credit for creating this list but I am re posting it to share with my readers and to make it viral. It is composed in my [...] [Read More]

Knock People Off The Internet for File Sharing Law is Brewing

Image via Wikipedia Over the last few days there has been a huge debate brewing about the music industry opposing the new law of file sharing getting cut off by cable providers. After reading about folks who download music and share it on the Internet could potentially be prosecuted than the music industry is considering dropping [...] [Read More]

Lady Gaga Is A Woman

Lady Gaga has nipples and that could only mean one thing….she is a lady after all! While performing during New York fashion week she wore this lacy red number revealing her nipples. Lady Gaga and KanYe are officially going on tour together. Tickets will go on sale September 25, 2009. Lady Gaga performs “Poker Face” [...] [Read More]

Everything You Always Wanted to Learn about Fashion Week

[singlepic id=690 w=320 h=240 float=center] In case you never get the opportunity to go to an actual fashion week you can read about the glitz, glamour, clothing, makeup and skinny models who walked the runway with cat like stride. Watch hour 24 fashion television online for the latest updates and fashion scoops of your favorite designers. [...] [Read More]

Is the Leibovitz Archive Really Worth $50 Million?

Image via Wikipedia I was reading this very interesting commentary about poor Annie Leibovitz, is her photography really worth all of those coins? Fancy being one of the highest paid photographer in the world only to wake up one day and everyone is questioning the worth of your photographic archive. I can’t say it sucks to [...] [Read More]

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