Luis [_MG_0709] by digital_don on Flickr.Absolutely gorgeous body, skin and stance.

Luis [_MG_0709] by digital_don on Flickr. Absolutely gorgeous body, skin and stance. Repost This Article [Read More]

Cover of the Day | Michael Vick Defined By Him, By the League, By You

Michael Vick knows his story is very controversial and throughout the course of his career, he knows he has done some things wrong and he has done some things right. Michael Vick Defined By Him, By the League, By You on the the cover of ESPN. The magazine shares its first ever issue committed exclusively [...] [Read More]

Dr. Cornel West Commemtary with Roland Martin

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Al Sharpton Ain’t Apologizing to Anyone, Not You or I, Nobody!

I don’t blame Al Sharpton either….enough already with apologizing for eating a good meal, smoking a good cigar and socializing with like minded folks. It is time to for all folks to revolve from that let’s all march in 100 degree weather, folks screaming racist slurs, I don’t like you because of your skin color, [...] [Read More]

Book | CNN News Anchor Don Lemon “Transparent”

I saw CNN News anchor Don Lemon interview last night on the Wendy William’s show. What I want to know is what is the 45 year old skin moisturizer he uses on his facial skin? Dude skin is glowing and gorgeous.. He hit some key points about coming out as a black person. Homophobic folks [...] [Read More]

Black History | Black Nominees Missing from the Oscars

  94-year-old Kirk Douglas on stage as a presenter   Repost This Article [Read More]

Black History | Remembering Milton Milgram Legacy for Racial Integration

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WATCH | Mother Wants Child’s Image Removed from Anti-Abortion Billboard

  The innocent face you see on a huge billboard in SOHO belongs to Anissa Fraser, she is 6 years old. “I would never endorse something like that,” says Tricia Fraser, Anissa’s mother. “Especially with my child’s image.” The child image was purchased from a licensed stock photography agency probably for pennies on the dollar. What [...] [Read More]

Janet Jackson Says Forget Your Troubles and Worries

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WATCH | The Downlow Gay Life In Atlanta

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