R.I.P. Boxing Legend Joe Frazier

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I am a tried and true Philly girl at heart. I grew up outside of Philly in a small town called Trevose. During my teens years my friends and I would take the subway into the city and we hung around in the streets of North Philadelphia. Everyone knew about the boxing legend gym that Joe Frazier opened in Philadelphia. If I had to keep it 100%…those were the good ole days. I remember walking by the gym with my dear friends on numerous occasions in North Philly and feeling a sense of pride and joy with his presence in the city.

Frazier was the first fighter to beat the legendary Muhammad Ali professionally during the “Fight of the Century” in 1971. With everything there is a season and a changing of the guard. Frazier sold the gym a few years ago. The former heavyweight boxer Joe Frazier has died after a brief battle with liver cancer.

R.I.P. Boxing Legend Joe Frazier. My sincere and condolences to the entire Frazier family, fans and friends. You will be missed but not forgotten. Your mark on this world is embedded forever in the sidewalks and around the globe.

On a side note: Word on the cyber streets is Floyd Mayweather Is Paying For Joe Frazier’s Funeral.

Note to my Philly peeps: We are a bunch of folks that will laugh with the best of them but we cry hard at the lost of love ones. The lost of love ones bring us to our knees….keep your heads up brother and sisters in the city of brotherly love. No where in the world have I ever met a diverse group of people that are able to join together! 

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