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If your anything like my husband and I, we are constantly bickering about college football recruiters and grades for our son who aspires to play Pro football one day. I found a site called ActiveRecruiters that allows you to upload your son or daughter athletic specs and videos for recruiters to look at their convenience. In my opinion there are tons of boys and girl out there who want to play sports but only a few superstars will make the cut. I tend to think my husband who is from the old school and a avid football lover thinks the recruiter will come knocking at the door and offer our son an opportunity of a lifetime. Perhaps by enrolling him onto the ActiveRecruiting website he may just have a chance at becoming a wide receiver or running back football player. This website will maximize his exposures and put his best play in front of active recruiters who might come a calling with a scholarship for college. Who knows what it is exactly he wants to do but all I can hope for is that he gets a good college education while he play football in college. I believe that my son must get excellent grades, get the highest score on the SAT and pray for the best outcome. Active Recruiting will help alleviate some of the foot work and perhaps make my son dreams of becoming a step closer to being a Pro NFL Football player a reality.


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